About VPN Watch

VPN Watch started as an independent project in 2017, with the objective of providing internet users with valuable information regarding VPN and help them choose the best security solution.

According to recent studies, one out of four internet users have used a VPN once in the last 30 days. And as VPN usage continues to grow, so does the demand for accurate, reliable, and tested information on VPN.
That’s where VPN Watch comes in.

With online privacy being a hot topic today, more people are realizing the need to use a security solution to protect their personal data. But the problem is, how do they choose which option is the best and what features to look for?

Why Trust VPN Watch

Independent and Transparet Reviews

We make sure that we give complete, unbiased, and accurate information for every VPN that we test. We do not rely on free trials nor do we accept free testing accounts for our reviews. We shell out our own money to subscribe to ordinary VPN accounts and test them as real users. This is to give the users a clear picture of what it is like to use VPNs.

Only by subscribing to VPN providers as real users will we be able to accurately gauge the performance of VPNs. We also don’t receive payment for artificial results of VPN testing. All of our reviews undergo a comprehensive testing process undertaken by our team of experts and specialists. We may, however, earn affiliate commissions whenever a user decides to subscribe to a VPN after reading our reviews.

Team of VPN Experts

Jane Green

Content editor

Jane Green is the Content Editor of VPNwatch.com. She carefully goes through all the guides, articles, and reviews …

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Jayden Andrews

VPN expert

Jayden Andrews is a VPN expert for VPNwatch.com. He has since tested a number of VPN software and …

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Michael Brown

Technical director

Michael Brown manages the technical side of VPN testing, focusing on VPN testing methodologies and leak checks. As …

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VPN Watch is composed of a professional team of developers, VPN experts, tech specialists and other industry experts, working together to provide users with easy-to-read and detailed VPN guides, reviews, and tutorials.

Our experts are experienced in internet security, software and app development, and digital optimization. They designed and developed our comprehensive 26-step review process and have supervised the testing of several VPN providers.


If you have any questions or comments about any of our reviews, services, testing method, or articles, feel free to reach us

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