Best Alluc Alternatives to Watch Free Movies Online

By Jayden Andrews. February 19, 2020

For more than 13 years, Alluc has been synonymous with online streaming. It was a popular website where you can find links to streaming websites that host your favorite movies, TV shows, anime, series, and other video content you might want to watch. For several years, it has been the go-to-website of online video viewers because of its wide range of video content. You can find on Alluc the first digital copy of the latest movies and TV shows, as well as classic movies that you might fancy reminiscing about.

15 Best Alluc alternatives

The death of Alluc was a huge blow to its millions of followers who rely on the website for their regular dose of movies and TV shows. It has become difficult for users to find a copy of the latest flicks from the cinemas or to catch up on the latest episode of their favorite TV shows. With Alluc out of the picture, online streaming has become a huge challenge.

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About Alluc

Alluc, pronounced as All You See, started out in October 2006 by Sebastian Fink and his two German friends under the company name, All You See Ltd. & Co. KG. The online video directory gained immense popularity among online streamers and it became an automatically populated video search engine in 2014.

However, in March 2018, the owners discontinued Alluc to focus on other projects, they said. When you visit their website, this is the message that you will see:

“The alluc search engine has been discontinued.
After 13 years of alluc, we decided to take a break and focus on other projects.
Over this last decade alluc served more than one billion unique users in total and we would like to thank all of you for your support over the years.

Any other sites using alluc in their name are not run by us.”

The alluc search engine has been discontinued

Several Alluc alternatives have popped up after the streaming website was taken down, but none of these alternatives are legit because they are not backed by a development team. Most of these alternative sites are either fake or laden with malware that could pose serious danger to your device. It is also common to see streaming websites that are crawling with ads.

Fortunately, there are also Alluc alternatives that are authentic in the midst of all this chaos. Finding these legitimate alternatives can be like looking for a needle in a haystack if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It’s easy to fall into the honey trap of these fake streaming websites until you’ve really visited their website.

To make it easier for you, we’ve listed here the best Alluc alternatives for your online streaming to save you the hassle of blindly searching for legitimate options. We’ve done all the research and tested these websites so you don’t have to do them yourself.

Best Alluc Alternatives for 2020

There are so many streaming websites on the internet today, that finding a good Alluc alternative is a tough challenge. You need to make sure that the links to the videos or movies are working while trying to stay away from dangerous sites that might be infected with malware.

This guide lists down various alternative streaming websites where you can watch the latest movies or catch up on your favorite TV series.

1. Tubi TV


Tubi is a free streaming website that was launched in 2014. Tubi is home to thousands of movies, TV shows, and other on-demand content. Think of Tubi as the commercialized version of Netflix, minus the subscription fee.

Tubi TV streaming service

But we all know that there’s no such thing as free lunch, you have to make some kind of compromise in some other way. In the case of Tubi, you’ll have to deal with ads. They can be extremely annoying, but that’s how the website is able to provide you with content for free. Technically, the ads are paying for your subscription fees. So if you don’t want to pay for monthly subscription fees, just bear with the ads.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for exclusive shows or new movie hits, Tubi might not be the website for you. Most of Tubi’s content is not unique, with several rerun shows on cable and other streaming services. But if you dig deep enough, you’ll find some noteworthy shows and titles that might interest you, such as The A-Team, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and The Incredible Hulk.

Another thing you have to consider is the quality of the videos. The maximum resolution you’ll get is Full HD, there’s no 4K Ultra HD or other higher resolutions. You also have no option to upgrade your account for a better streaming experience. Tubi is free, and you’ll have to take it as it is or find another option.

Aside from streaming on Tubi’s website, you can also download the app for your devices, including iOS, Android, Roku, and Amazon Firestick. Just download the app, create an account, then comb its collection for the videos you want to watch.

We all know that using free streaming websites usually comes at a price – you may either suffer from annoying pop-ups and redirects, which are made more dangerous by the malware hidden in them, or have your personal information stolen by hackers. Or both. Plus, you might get into trouble with copyright trolls who are out to get money from streamers like you. If you want to get away from these troubles, you need to protect your streaming activities with a reliable VPN service.

2. TwoMovies


TwoMovies or 2Movies is a free social video network with a large collection of full-length movies and TV shows you can choose from. According to their website, their online catalog now has 70,000 movies and 10,000 TV shows, and these numbers are still growing. Users can also manage their viewing list by adding movies or TV shows they want to watch, or move titles from one list to another.

TwoMovies streaming website

If you’re too busy to catch up on your favorite TV series, you can sign up to get free email notifications on when a specific TV show will release the next episode. Or you can refer to the TV Shows schedule to see when the next episode will be available.

Aside from streaming videos, you can also add reviews about what you’ve watched, rate movies, and see views statistics. TwoMovies has been around since 2008 and boasts of 300,000 registered users around the world.


3. Popcorn Time


This multi-platform, open-source BitTorrent client comes with an integrated media player for online streaming. You need to download the app to be able to access the Popcorn Time’s wide selection of titles and TV shows.

Popcorn Time video streaming website

Popcorn Time was launched in March 2014 and has quickly grown in popularity. However, the sudden popularity also made them a clear target of legal threats so the developer decided to shut the service down after only a month. After a few months, anonymous coders picked up where the creators left off and relaunched the service. Today, Popcorn Time has millions of users and hundreds of thousands of downloads per day.

Popcorn Time is a hybrid between a streaming service and a P2P file-sharing site. When you watch a movie, you’re also uploading bits and pieces of the movie for others to watch. The only difference is that the temporary files get deleted once you restart your computer.

Popcorn Time is available for Linux‎, ‎OS X‎, ‎Windows‎, ‎Android, and iOS devices. Just download the app, search for what you want to watch, choose a subtitle, and enjoy streaming.


4. MovieWatcher


Another great Alluc alternative is MovieWatcher. This online streaming platform includes an extensive selection for movies and TV shows. Instead of just showing the titles, MovieWatcher links them to popular review sites, such as IMDb, so users can read the reviews and ratings of the movie before watching. Many of the streaming content also have HD options.

MovieWatcher streaming website

MovieWatcher, just like most streaming sites, works as an index for movies, TV shows, and other video content. MovieWatcher does not host the content on their website, but scrapes them from other websites. Because of this, you might need to deal with annoying ads on the host website or the risk of malware infection.

Aside from the normal movie search, which is at the center of their homepage, MovieWatcher also offers several ways for users to explore their content. For example, you can filter the titles via genre from the top menu. You can also filter according to Popular People, Top Movies, Recent Movies, Popular TV Show, Recent TV Show, etc. Just pick a movie or a TV series to watch, and enjoy the show.


5. MovieGaga


Formerly known as MovieNinja, this free streaming service focuses on movies rather than TV shows (though you can still find several good TV series on the website). MovieGaga also focuses on quality streaming, so you will only find high definition movies and TV shows from their catalog.

MovieGaga video streaming site

Aside from streaming your favorite flicks, MovieGaga also provides users the option to download movies for offline playback, complete with subtitles. If you’re looking for popular titles, you can filter the content based on the Most Viewed or Top Rating category.

According to the website, no files are stored on MovieGaga’s server and all videos are provided by non-affiliated third parties. Since this is a free streaming site, expect a lot of ads when you click the link to the movie or even in-video.


6. Movie4K


Another popular go-to streaming website is Movie4k. This video on demand website serves as a search index for online videos, and is available in several languages — German, English, Russian, French, Italian, Turkish, and Japanese. The website is currently blocked in the UK, Denmark, and Austria but users can still access the website using proxies.

Movie4K streaming website

Just like other online streaming websites, Movie4k does not host any of the movies or TV shows found on the website. These links are aggregated from all over the internet, and Movie4k acts as the indexing website of all these content. The website also functions as a guide or directory.

Because it delivers free video content, Movie4K earns its revenue by serving banner ads and other types of advertisements to the users. It might be annoying at times, but that’s the price users have to pay to use the streaming service.

The website might look a bit messy because of the clutter of information, but the search function should make things a lot easier. Aside from the title of the movie or TV show, the website also shows the IMDb rating and the quality of the video based on where they are hosted. Users also have the option to upload their own movies to the database.


7. SolarMovie


SolarMovie is probably one of the earliest online streaming websites, way older than even Alluc. After the shutting down of KickassTorrents (KAT) in 2014, SolarMovie also mysteriously disappeared. SolarMovie was relaunched later but has been changing domain extensions ever since to avoid the crackdown. As of this writing, SolarMovie is hosted here.

SolarMovie streaming site

Just like the old websites, SolarMovie hosts a collection of thousands of movies and TV shows, both new and classic. You’ll see the IMDb at the top of the title, so it is easier for you to decide whether it is worth watching. You can sort the titles based on their genre, country, release date, and rating. You can choose whether to stream the movie or download it for offline viewing. You need to have an account, though, before you are able to enjoy any of the movies.


8. Movie4u


Movie4u is a web-based repository of free TV shows and movies. It has a good combination of the latest and the not-so-new titles from all over the world. And if you love Bollywood, Movie4u has a good collection of Bollywood films for you. The website is also available in English and Hindi. Aside from streaming, users also have the option to download the movie on their device.

Movie4u streaming website

The user interface is pretty simple and easy to use. You can search by genre or other filter, or you can choose directly from the list of suggestions under the various categories. The movies are hosted on different servers and most of them are filled with ads. You will need to click through several layers of ads just to play the video. But still, it is better than nothing.


9. FMovies


FMovies is also a popular Alluc alternative where users can watch the latest movies. It has an online library of all the popular flicks that you would want to watch.

FMovies website for streaming movies

The most useful feature of this site is that it organizes movies into categories according to the Genre, Year Released, Country, etc., all in alphabetical order.

This layout allows you to get to the movie or TV show you want to watch without wasting much time or doing a lot of clicks. The Auto-Next feature makes watching TV series very convenient because it automatically plays the next episode, saving you the trouble of more clicking. You can enable this feature to make it easier to find the episodes of the series again and again.


10. 123Movies


Another great option for streaming videos and movies online is 123Movies. This Vietnam-based online file hosting index is part of a network of file streaming websites.

23Movies website for streaming movies

According to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), 123Movies is the world’s most popular illegal site, leading to its shut down in 2018. However, the streaming website is still active via several clone sites under different domain extensions.

What makes 123Movies popular, aside from the extensive movie collection, is the simple interface. It is very easy to navigate and you can easily find the movie that you’re looking for under the various categories, including genre, year, country, box office, etc.

The movies on this website have 20 genres, including Comedy, Action, Crime, Romance, and Animation. The database has all the movies released since 2011. If you want to watch the latest releases, just click New Movies to find the newest addition. What people love about this website is that it allows its users to download the full movie complete with subtitles in it.


11. MyDownloadTube


MyDownloadTube is not actually an online streaming site but more of a movie download website. This is perfect for users who want to finish downloading the movies first and then watch them at a later time.

MyDownloadTube streaming service

To get access to the movies and TV shows, you need to first register to the MyDownloadTube website. Once you’ve signed up, you can then download the full HD version of movies online and watch them offline at your convenience. All videos are in HD format so do not be surprised if the movie files are big in file size.

The only disadvantage of using MyDownloadTube is that you need to have a fast internet connection and a lot of storage space. It is recommended that users download the videos at night when computer activities are minimized, so as to avoid disruption. Downloading might take some time, but it is all worth it in the end. Aside from movies and TV shows, users can also download games from the website.


12. Vumoo


This free, unlimited video streaming service is similar to Netflix, except that it has no monthly fee. You can choose from Vumoo’s wide array of titles and TV series collections without having to pay for anything.

Vumoo streaming website with movies

Vumoo does not upload or host the movies, it just sources the videos from somewhere else. It functions like a video search website to find the movie that you want to watch, then it gives you a direct link where you want to watch or download your preferred movie.

Vumoo’s navigation is very basic, making it so easy to use. Just choose between movies, tv shows, and genres. The trending movies are also listed on the homepage so you don’t have to search for them yourself.

Even though Vumoo serves ads as a way to generate income, the ads stop once you watch a video. No ads are delivered during online streaming, giving users a great viewing experience.


13. XMovies8


XMovies8 is another good alternative for Alluc. It has a diverse collection of all-time popular movies under several categories, including anime, action, crime, adventure, documentary, drama, etc.

XMovies8 streaming movies website

The streaming website features high-quality video content, from the latest movies to award-winning TV series.

You can also find out all the information about each movie on the website — year, quality, ratings, and genre. Since the site offers free streaming, you can expect ads to appear not only on the website but also when streaming videos as well. In fact, when you visit the website, the first thing you’ll see are the ads.


14. BMovies


BMovies is one of the most popular websites where you can watch movies online. It has a very simple user interface and navigation options. Most users are annoyed because of the ads, but this is expected since BMovies is a free service.

BMovies streaming website

BMovies gives users the opportunity to watch from different countries, including the US, Korea, Taiwan, and other Eastern countries. You can also search using different categories, A-Z List, IMDb ratings, and other factors.

Just like Alluc, viewers can see more information about the movie, such as IMDb rating and flick trailers, within the page. Because of this, there is no need to go to other websites just to learn more about the movie.


15. PrimeWire


The last Alluc alternative on this list is PrimeWire. It is another free website useful for online streaming movies and TV shows. PrimeWire has all types of video content, like movies, TV series, and more.

PrimeWire streaming website

These content also come in different genres and categories, which make it easier for users to navigate to the movie they want to watch.

PrimeWire usually provides alternative links, aside from the main one, for every video listed on the site. This is so that users have other options when the main server is not available. PrimeWire delivers free streaming service to its users but you’ll notice that the whole website is crawling with ads. Fortunately, PrimeWire users can upgrade to a Premium service — no ads, access to adult videos, download feature, and more subtitles. The Premium account costs $5 per month or $45 per year.

Wrapping Up

All good things must come to an end, and this is true for Alluc. For more than 13 years, this online streaming website has provided internet users with access to high-quality movies and TV series for free. Fortunately, users can still continue to enjoy free streaming using the 15 alternatives above.

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Here are some of the hidden dangers that can put you at risk when you are streaming or torrenting:

  • Copyright issues – Companies that produce movies and TV shows are losing a lot of money due to those who illegally upload pirated materials on torrenting and streaming websites. You can get penalized or even jailed if you are found guilty of consuming pirated materials.
  • Copyright trolls –These entities make money by suing people who download or watch copyrighted materials.
  • Malware – Most streaming and torrenting websites make money by delivering ads. While most of them are simply annoying, some can be dangerous because they can be used to distribute dangerous malware, such as ransomware, viruses, or spyware. When you click on a malicious ad, the download of malicious software is triggered and it then infects your device.
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We strongly advise against using torrenting and free online streaming websites because downloading or streaming pirated materials is a direct violation of privacy and copyright laws. Downloading open-license content may also have legal consequences because you might be unknowingly accessing a pirated copy. If you want to improve your privacy and torrent securely, you need to use a VPN to hide your IP address and encrypt all the traffic.

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NordVPN deserves its reputation because it uses military-grade AES-256 encryption and has a strict no-logs policy that protects your identity and data. It prevents DNS and WebRTC leaks, has the Kill Switch feature, supports P2P traffic, and is based in Panama, which is a “privacy haven” hidden from the authorities. With its network of 5200+ VPN servers, it is super-fast and works great with torrenting and streaming.

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This VPN service has 1040+ servers and works great with P2P clients and streaming websites. It has all the security features needed to safely download torrents and access free movie sites: Kill Switch, speedy VPN servers, fast protocols, Whitelister, and strong encryption.

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