Best Kickass Alternatives – New Torrent Sites

By Jayden Andrews. April 28, 2020

Are you a fan of downloading Kickass Torrents movies? Well, you can now download your favorite movies, TV shows, e-books, and adult content without any restrictions by your Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

After the arrest of Artem Vaulin, the founder of Kickass Torrents, the famous torrenting site was pulled down by the U.S. government for facilitating the sharing of illegal content on the internet. The U.S. government accused the site owner of providing an environment for piracy, of which he pleaded guilty.

Pirate Bay and were some of the most used torrenting sites all over the world, with millions of downloaders. When the government blocked these two sites, it became difficult for those who were depending on them to get content from the internet conveniently. Therefore, a group of individuals came up with the idea to form the site to revive

Today, there are many sites that you can visit and download all the stuff you need from the internet. In this article, we highlight some of the best torrenting sites. Continue reading to find out the best sites to download movies, software, and series without being caught by the local authorities.

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The Pirate Bay - The Best Kickass Alternative

Year established: 2003
Popular content formats: movies, music, applications, games, TV shows
Number of torrents: 3.2 million+
Banned in the countries (optional): Australia, Singapore, Austria, Italy, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Iceland, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Turkey, Kuwait, China, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, United Kingdom

The Pirate Bay is one of the most famous torrenting sites known by pirates all over the world. It is one of the best replacements for Kickass torrents. However, because of its efficiency and popularity in many countries, most ISPs have blocked it. In Australia, you can’t visit this site and download anything. The website does not appear on most search engines in countries where authorities have illegalized it.

With the best VPN, you can bypass all the restrictions put forward by the ISPs and access The Pirate Bay faster. This site is the best you can get online for downloading music, software, and movies. Since its establishment, this torrenting site has escaped a lot of shutdowns and blocking.

It will automatically warn the user if the file they are trying to download is not safe and legitimate. It has a high download speed of 6.2MB/s. The only demerit of using this Torrent is the fact that it keeps changing its domain and goes offline most of the time.


Year established: 2008
Popular content formats: games, music, software, TV shows, movies
Number of torrents: 811,000+
Banned in the countries (optional): Denmark, Ireland, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Morocco, Indonesia, Bulgaria

RARBG is the best new torrent site for downloading the latest content from the internet. The site has been online for some time now, and you can count on it for its reliability. RARBG has a downloading speed of 6.1 MB/s. You can use it to download all the new movies, software, and music that you like. The site provides a list of trending content on the internet, which makes it easier to search for and download content there. Like most of the popular torrent websites, this site also keeps changing its domain to ensure all pirates are safe when using it.

Many countries with strict internet privacy and copyright laws have blocked RARBG. You cannot use this site in countries like Denmark and Portugal without a VPN to protect your IP address and hide your identity.


Year established: 2010
Popular content formats: TV series, music, eBooks, anime, applications, movies
Number of torrents: 4.4 million+
Banned in the countries (optional): Australia, the United Kingdom, India

If you intend to download the best quality magnet links and torrent files, then TorLock should be one of your options. The site provides a variety of options for all seeders. You can download movies, music, software, and games without spending a coin.

TorLock provides its visitors with original and verified torrents to remove any risks of downloading low-quality and unsafe files to your device. If you find a fake torrent file on the website, the site promises to offer you $1.00 compensation.

The site has an average file download speed of 4.4MB/s and the best seeder/leecher ratio of 1,136/49. You can visit this site anytime as long as you have a quality VPN extension on your browser. The site provides over 4.8 Million torrents that you can choose from.


Year established: 2007
Popular content formats: games, music, applications, TV series, movies
Number of torrents: 2.3 million+
Banned in the countries (optional): Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Austria

Those looking for the best torrenting site after the Kickass Torrents shutdown can find solace in this site. 1337x is one of the most popular torrenting sites for downloading music, TV shows, and games. It comes with a clear interface, which makes it more convenient for users. The owners of this site updated it to remove all the security threats. Today, the website is one of the most secure torrent sites you can find.

The site has a tremendous downloading speed of up to 4.2 MB/s and a seeder to leecher ratio of 10,903/5,161. Like most of the sites, it keeps on changing its domain name. You can try using different domains like (.ws) and (.st) if you cannot access the official site.

Lime Torrents

Year established: 2009
Popular content formats: TV series, music, movies, games, anime, applications
Number of torrents: 9.8 million+
Banned in the countries (optional): France, Australia, the United Kingdom

Lime Torrents may be the best alternative torrenting site for all beginner seeders. The site comes with a clear and user-friendly interface. It is easy to use and distributes torrents from some of the best trackers in the world. Despite promising to provide the best content for its users, the torrenting site may sometimes lack seeding. This is also a common issue on other websites.

It comes with an average download speed of 3.7 MB/s and a seeder to leecher ratio of 28:15. Since the torrenting site is inconsistent with the torrents, it has issues most of the time, and it is vital that you only use it as an alternative torrenting site.

3 More Good Torrenting Sites


If you want to get the latest music direct to your device, then Torrentz2 is where to be. The torrenting site offers all the newest music files that you may be looking for. It focuses on music and provides a clear and user-friendly interface for all pirates. The site updates its torrents regularly, which makes it one of the best sites for downloading the latest content.

Torrentz2 remains to be one of the best sources of audio files you can find. It has an average file download speed of 2.0 MB/s and provides 1116 ‘Joker’ search results. The torrenting site is quite reliable because it does change its domain name frequently.


This is another fantastic torrenting site that you can use for downloading the latest movies and music to your device. The site has a simple interface and allows you to search for all the files that you want. It is secure and promises to keep your personal information safe. However, you shouldn’t risk torrenting on iDope without a reliable VPN on your browser.

You can access this torrenting site on the darknet. It provides an Android app that makes it mobile-friendly. The site claims to be the best alternative for the Kickass Torrents proxy. It has a great download speed and keeps updating torrents so that you don’t miss any latest movies and TV series.


YTS is another best alternative torrenting site for kickass torrents free download. The site is available for all pirates in most countries. Also, it is the best option around for classic movies. If you cannot find the latest videos on other torrenting sites, then YTS has your back.

It maintains a low profile, which means it is hard to shut down unexpectedly. The site has put measures to ensure that all their torrents are safe and secure for all. It comes with an average downloading speed of 3.2 MB/s. It does not eat your bandwidth and is, therefore, the best option for those users with limited bandwidth.

The reality of torrenting sites

The hidden truth is that it is not that easy to access most of the torrenting sites in many countries. Governments in countries with strict internet laws have instructed Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to shut down all torrenting sites. Torrenting is a crime in many countries because it enables internet users to gain access to copyright content illegally.

After the Kickass shutdown, new Kickass sites have come up with enhanced download speeds and different options for pirates. Most of these sites keep disappearing online or have multiple domain names to ensure they are safe online. You can easily find your favorite torrenting site missing online when the government pulls it down.

Most search engines like Google have made it clear that they don’t allow torrenting. It is not easy to find any torrenting site on Google search results. The blocking of torrenting sites by popular search engines is a measure to curb the widespread use of such websites to access copyright content.

You need a VPN when torrenting

It is not easy to download any files from torrent sites if it is illegal in your country. You can get caught and face the wrong side of the law if you visit these sites without hiding your location. A quality and reliable VPN will keep your device safe and ensure the authorities cannot track you.

Here are the benefits of using a VPN when torrenting:

  • It hides your device’s IP address, making it difficult for cybercriminals to locate you.
  • It does not reveal your personal information, stopping third parties from profiling you.
  • It uses encryption technology and IP masking to protect your data.
  • It hides your browsing history.
  • When using a public network like Wi-Fi, a VPN ensures your device gets a secure connection to the internet, removing all online threats.

Downloading torrent files may be punishable by law. If you intend to visit a torrent site and download your favorite music or movies, you must always ensure you have protected your device with a VPN.
You may have to pay huge fines or risk arrest and jail time if your personal information leaks to the authorities whenever you access torrenting sites.

Final thoughts

In some countries, visiting torrenting sites may not be illegal, but access to copyright content without owners’ consent is still unlawful. Therefore, torrenting on a Kickass mirror without a VPN may still put you at risk. You should make sure you are using a VPN whenever you visit torrenting sites.

Torrenting may not be the only option to watch movies and listen to music. You may want to use other legitimate alternatives for accessing copyright content on the internet. Ultimately, the eight torrenting sites we have listed here are some of the best channels you can use to access any content you want.

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