Best Sites Like 123Movies to Watch Free Movies Online

By Jayden Andrews. June 21, 2020

Watching is a major hobby for most people all over the planet. There are various movie types that you can watch today on several sites online. Free sites are always more preferable as they allow you to save some cash but still have a good time at home.

Best sites like 123Movies

123Movies is one site that has gained so much popularity over the years for being an excellent free movie source. In this article, we look at other websites apart from 123Movies where you can watch trending movies. So, keep reading to find out.

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Top 5 Sites Like 123Movies

1. Putlocker – the Best Alternative to 123Movies


Putlocker is one of the best sites that you can substitute to 123Movies as they have many similarities. This site has a gray and green design that gives it a unique and comfortable look.

putlocker free streaming website

More importantly, Putlocker does not contain excessive ads compared to other sites out there, hence allowing you to have a great time.

On Putlocker’s homepage are thousands of movies and TV shows that you can watch anytime you want. If you are looking for a specific trending movie and can’t find it at the homepage, then you can search for it. Doing that is seamless and provides results of the show you want in seconds allowing you to start enjoying almost immediately.


2. Vumoo


Vumoo is another excellent 123Movies alternative that you should check out. What’s more annoying than experiencing endless pop-ups when watching your favorite show? The good thing about Vumoo is that it does not disrupt users with pop-ups.

vumoo free video streaming website

However, you might come across some ads when scrolling through the available movies on the site. You don’t have to worry about these ads as they are very few and won’t interrupt your watching experience in any way.

You don’t need to provide any sensitive details to use this site, such as your credit card info, official names, and email address. You just have to look for this site, search for the movie you want, and watch it in HD. It’s that easy to use. Vumoo also updates its films frequently thus making it a great source of free latest movies.

3. WatchFree


WatchFree is among the most excellent websites like 123Movies that offer films and TV series in high video quality. It is also one of the oldest free movie sites on the internet. Therefore, you can trust that it will give you a remarkable user experience.

watchfree video streaming website

You don’t need to register to enjoy WatchFree, so it is a safe option. WatchFree has a library filled with lots of movies, but it’s always easy to find one as the site is extremely fast. Also, you usually find the latest and top trending films on the homepage to keep you updated.

If you are not sure of the exact movie that you want to watch, then head to the genre category. On this section, you can choose from options like:

  • Crime
  • Fantasy
  • Action
  • History
  • Romance and more

With all these options, it becomes easy to choose one genre and pick the best movie from the provided options. If you are watching a particular series, then you will find all its episodes in one place. You can also click on a certain movie’s thumbnail if you want to see it’s IMDb rating. This feature is always helpful, especially when you are not sure of the best movie to watch, and you want to see which films have impressed most people.


4. Amazon Prime


One thing that you can be assured of even before checking out this site is that you won’t be disappointed. Amazon Prime has lots of superb movies and series that you can watch anytime.

amazon prime video streaming website

Also, if a certain film is derived from a book, you can first read the entire storyline before watching to make it even more interesting.

Amazon Prime has a well-organized and easy to use interface. Therefore, you can easily browse through different movie genres and categories without getting confused or interrupted by annoying ads.

The best thing about having an Amazon Prime account is that you can even do shopping when you are taking a short break from your show. Placing orders using your account helps you get fast deliveries and also continue accessing ad-free entertainment. Amazon Prime gives you a 30-day free trial period, after which you must pay $12.99 for your monthly subscription. So, take advantage of this opportunity and create an Amazon Prime account. Doing this will help you see how reliable this site is and whether you might consider paying for the subscription in the future.


5. MoviesJoy


MoviesJoy has become another major go-to option for people looking for sites like 123Movies that don’t contain ads and pop-ups. This site is also an excellent choice if you do not like registering for new websites every time.

Moviesjoy free streaming website

You can also rely on MoviesJoy to provide some of the latest TV shows and movies as it is regularly updated. Therefore, there’s a high chance that you will find even trending incomplete series here. You can access all the available episodes of such a show, then find the rest later almost immediately after their release.

MoviesJoy allows you to watch your favorite movies from about four servers hence enabling you to have a great experience. You also find movies listed with important details such as their video quality, duration, and IMDb rating. That way, you can find the most suitable film for you, depending on the reviews or the time that you want to spend watching.

Other Great Sites Like 123Movies

6. YesMovies


YesMovies is a great site to watch movies that you will fall in love with as it’s filled with amazing features to help boost user experience. You can watch HD movies and popular TV shows here using any of their 5 streaming servers.

Yesmovies free video streaming

You don’t have to register an account to watch movies here. Even better is that your films won’t be interrupted by any adverts. So, you can trust that YesMovies will give you that watching experience you’ve not been getting from most paid sites.

YesMovies has something for everybody. You will find many movies and TV series on this site from genres like crime and romance. Therefore, be assured that you’ll find a show that will blow your mind here and still get similar movie suggestions to check out later. These movies are also updated frequently to ensure you get anything you want here.

If you want to watch movies from specific places such as Europe, Japan, France, China, and Asia, then YesMovies has your back. On the homepage, you can visit the country category where you will find movies from different countries.

To stream your movie, click on its image, then hit Play. Doing this redirects you to another window. Close the window and get back to your film, click Play, and you’ll be all set. You should, however, be prepared to face pop-up displays when using the site.


7. Crackle


Crackle has been popular for the last few years due to its high reliability when it comes to fulfilling most people’s streaming needs. Previous Netflix and Hulu users run to Crackle as it also has lots of movies and TV shows that you only find in premium streaming services.

crackle video streaming website

Another factor that makes Crackle among the best movie sites today is its interface. This site has an easy to use interface that allows you to browse through the available movies without much hassle and watch original content seamlessly.

Whether you hate signing up for stuff or don’t mind doing so, Crackle is a great option for you. On Crackle, you don’t need an account to stream any movie or series you like. However, you have to sign up if you want to download your favorite movies and watch them offline.


8. Cmovies


Cmovies has many pop-ups, ads, and commercials, but that should not scare you away. You can avoid all these by using an ad blocker and enjoy your movies uninterruptedly. To start streaming, just hit the Play button. If doing that leads you to an ad, then just close it and hit Play again to start your movie.

cmovies free movies website

Cmovies is also packed with lots of goodies that you will undoubtedly love. Here are some things to expect from this site:

• A massive collection of popular TV series and movies
• A professionally organized interface
• An excellent search bar
• A request facility
• Incredible filters
• Several streaming servers

Whether you are a Bollywood or Hollywood films lover, Cmovies is among the best sites like 123Movies that will give you everything you need without forcing you to sign up. So, make sure you give it a try.

9. Yify TV


Also known as Ymovies, Yify TV is a popular site like 123Movies where you can find full HD free movies. What makes this website so unique compared to others in this list is that it mostly focuses on movies. Therefore, if you are looking for a site to watch your favorite TV series, Yify TV might not be the best option.

ymovies watch free movies online

You don’t need any registration to access this site. Movies are categorized in different genres. You can also search for films depending on the year they were released. So, if you are looking for the latest movies, then browse through the 2020 section. You might also find movies from the 1900s if you like such, which is another major factor that makes this site so special to most people.

All movies on Yify TV are of high quality, making sure you get the full HD exciting experience that you want. Yify TV is also an excellent website for people who love downloading movies. Here, you don’t need any subscription to download films, and you also won’t be disturbed by endless ads when browsing or watching.


10. Bmovies


Bmovies is another popular streaming site like 123Movies that has a huge TV series and movie database. The interface is quite similar to 123Movies’, as it’s easy to browse through and get any film you want from the thousands of options on the homepage. Shows are usually sorted by category like the most-watched, top IMDb, and even genre, which helps you to easily find the best one for the occasion.

bmovies website: stream movies online for free

You’ll love streaming on this site because you won’t experience any lags, and all the movies are available in high definition. Also, you don’t need to create an account to access free films on this site.

Bmovies has over three streaming servers that you can use and also provides any info about the movie when you hover your mouse over the thumbnail. That way, you get brief details about the show allowing you to determine whether to watch it or keep looking.


Protect Your PC While Streaming

It is important to note that you should not watch movies from free sites without a VPN. Why? Most of these websites are great, but some might contain links that can infect your device with viruses and malware. So, having a high-quality VPN will allow you to stay safe from such links when watching and also unblock more content. In addition, torrenting is illegal in most countries. Therefore, having a great VPN will help you hide your activity from ISP while torrenting hence keep you safe from any trouble.

As you can see from this article, there are so many 123Movies alternatives that you can check out today. Therefore, make sure you try them and see which one seems more impressive to you. You can also visit the 123Movies mirror sites as they will make you feel like you’re still using the popular 123Movies. Remember to use a VPN to ensure safety and privacy every time you are watching.

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