Best YouTube Alternatives

By Jayden Andrews. March 2, 2020

Pretty much everyone on this planet has come across YouTube. It’s a website where everyone can view, comment on, and upload video content on a daily basis. Because it’s easy to use and navigate, it has quickly become a great platform for private individuals, businesses, and celebrities alike.

Interestingly, Google now holds the lion’s share of the video industry thanks to its $1 billion acquisition of YouTube. So, it’s quite evident that the search giant already has an unbeatable advantage over its competitors.

While YouTube serves as everybody’s go-to place for everything like funny animal clips and instructional videos, you have to know that there can’t be one player in a game. Just like every business that exists, YouTube has a lot of strong competitors that are trying to steal the trophy from it.

Now, you’d probably ask, “If YouTube has the competitive edge, why should I check out other video-sharing platforms?”
Well, the question actually makes sense. However, we have to emphasize that YouTube is only the most popular service. We’re not suggesting that it’s also the best. So, now, let’s keep in mind that the internet is filled with a healthy dose of options and it’s not just about the most popular.

If you ever decide to know your options, here are the best YouTube alternatives that you may want to take into consideration:

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    1. Vimeo



    Year Founded: 2014
    Average Monthly Traffic: 49 million



    Launched in 2014, Vimeo is probably the classiest video-sharing website today. Because it was designed and conceptualized by creative individuals, video creators, and film-makers who wanted to have an avenue for sharing their creative work, the site focuses more on quality than on quantity.

    The site’s home page entices a lot of visitors to explore it as it is more attractive than promotional. Everything is sorted by category, and what you need is only a click away.
    That is not just the best thing about Vimeo. One that keeps people coming back is its video player that allows viewers to concentrate and focus more on the video and not anything else surrounding it.

    However, you should know that Vimeo is not the place to go if you fancy funny cat and dog clips. It highlights more interesting videos about the lives of people, music, and classy short films.

    If you create an account on Vimeo, you get to enjoy a 500MB upload limit per week. But if you upgrade, you can add 2GB.


    2. Flickr



    Year Founded: 2004
    Average Monthly Traffic: 7.8 million



    You might be wondering what a photo-sharing website is doing on this list. Well, it deserves to be here. What many of us don’t know is that Flickr houses a lot of videos, too. Owned by Yahoo!, this site is already established. In fact, it has plenty of out-of-the-box features.

    To challenge video creators and make clips more interesting, Flickr limits its videos to 90 seconds. Called long photos, these videos are great for creative folks who want to experiment and say it all in just 90 seconds.

    Free users can upload only two 90-second videos per month, whereas paid subscribers enjoy unlimited uploads. Although Flickr does not have many video-related features right now, it is expected to improve soon.


    3. Dailymotion



    Year Founded: 2005
    Average Monthly Traffic: 240 million+



    If there is any video-sharing website that is similar to YouTube out there, it’s definitely Dailymotion.

    The site shares almost the same layout and video categories with YouTube, but its copyright policy isn’t that scary. Also, it does not fall far behind YouTube in many aspects, with a global Alexa ranking of 92 and the average monthly traffic of 240 million+.

    This French-owned site was founded in 2005. However, it isn’t that popular in the United States. Still, it is considered a good YouTube alternative, offering professional-quality videos. HD uploads that pass the standards of the site are promoted in the site’s featured columns.

    Although Dailymotion allows users to upload videos of 20 minutes’ length, it only limits uploads at 150MB. Most importantly, it allows users to monetize content via ads.


    4. Metacafe



    Year Founded: 2003
    Average Monthly Traffic: 40 million



    Metacafe is one of the oldest video streaming sites to date. It started in 2003, at a time before YouTube came into existence. This site features short-form video content with a focus on 90-second clips, offering lighthearted videos to its 40 million viewers.

    If you are looking for quality videos about a complex topic, this place isn’t for you because it only features videos with clickbait types of content. But if you’re someone who prefers to spend time on short yet humorous clips, Metacafe is an excellent YouTube alternative.


    5. IGTV

    URL: in-app


    Year Founded: 2018



    YouTube has found a strong competitor from the house of Facebook: IGTV. While it’s relatively new, it has already captured the hearts of many, particularly those who like watching lengthy videos on smartphones.

    It is worth noting, though, that browsing videos is only available via the app. However, video uploading can be done using a desktop computer. As long as you have an Instagram account, IGTV can just pull up newly created videos published by content creators that you follow.

    If you are a content creator yourself, IGTV is one platform you dare not miss as it allows you to showcase motion content to a larger audience without shelling out much money. If you are not familiar with how to use the platform, you can just open the IGTV guide available on the app.


    6. DTube



    Year Founded: 2016



    With the latest tech fad focused on blockchain, a new video-sharing platform has emerged. It’s called DTube. This website makes a good alternative to YouTube because its interface looks similar.

    Visit the home page, and you can conveniently browse through the hottest and most trending videos online. You can even choose to save a video to watch later and check out viral clips using the trending tag.

    Do you know what’s more interesting? DTube is ad-free. But to maintain the service, it uses the Steem blockchain service. Don’t worry, though. You need not pay any transaction fee or make an initial deposit. Uploading a video on DTube even allows you to earn Steem cryptocurrency rewards.


    7. Veoh



    Year Founded: 2004
    Average Monthly Traffic: 270,000



    Looking for more YouTube alternatives? Veoh is another site you can consider. It allows you to easily watch and discover great videos and even personalize your viewing experience.
    Here, you can upload and share videos of unlimited length.

    You can also watch movies, TV series, and anime episodes.

    Even better, you can take advantage of its social networking features, such as creating groups, direct messaging, and adding contacts.


    8. 9GAG TV



    Year Founded: 2008
    Average Monthly Traffic: 22 million



    If you are looking for a video-sharing website that grants you access to pure entertainment, 9GAG TV makes a great go-to place. Twitter and Facebook users are already familiar with this site as its contents, be it videos, memes, or images, are widely shared on both platforms.

    9GAG TV hosts a wide collection of movie trailers, engaging clips, and funny videos, just like YouTube. It also has WTF and WOW sections that feature interesting content.

    However, be careful when browsing the site at work because it also has content that may be NSFW.


    9. Internet Archive’s Video Section



    Average Monthly Traffic: 49 million



    As the site’s name suggests, the Internet Archive’s Video Section has a wide range of content, including TV shows, movies, and documentaries. It has a lot in there, and you will be surprised to see such a variety of content.

    Depending on your viewing preference, you can sort the content using filters by language, topic, subjects, and year. If you explore deep into the site, you can also find some videos that you don’t usually see on other platforms.

    Anyone can contribute content to the site for free.


    10. PeerTube



    Year Founded: 2018



    An open-source video-sharing platform, PeerTube started just last year. It’s basically Peer-to-Peer (P2P) software that allows users to host videos on their individual machines.

    Like BitTorrent, it has a simple and neat interface. It also does not contain ads. If you want to explore new videos, just visit the Recently Added or Trending section.

    The best part about this site is it bypasses blocks and censors. This means it grants creators the power to share their videos all over the world without getting involved in bans.
    Then again, take note that the site is still new. So, you can’t expect a lot of videos here. Nevertheless, it’s still a great YouTube competitor.


    11. The Open Video Project



    Year Founded: 1998
    Average Monthly Traffic: 18,000



    Launched in 1998, The Open Video Project is a digital library that has more or less 195 categories. It is an online repository of digitized video files, such as documentaries and educational materials, most of which are contributed by different government agencies of the United States.

    If you want to explore the site, you use filters to sort the content by time duration, format, or sound quality.


    12. Facebook Watch



    Year Founded: 2017
    Average Monthly Traffic: 939 million



    Yes, Facebook isn’t just for finding friends, joining groups, or following pages. It now has a venue for watching pure video content: Facebook Watch.

    You will be amazed at the collection of videos it houses. Reviews, music videos, tutorials, funny clips, heartwarming stories; name it, Facebook Watch has it.

    To use, enter whatever it is that you’re searching for in the search bar. And then, select the video from the results page. You may also find relevant and suggested videos as you search. However, to be able to watch all these videos, you need to have an active Facebook account.

    13. Crackle



    Year Founded: 2004
    Average Monthly Traffic: 307,000



    Crackle is a great online streaming site owned and run by Sony Pictures Entertainment. It features a wide range of original shows, Hollywood flicks, and television series episodes from different networks.

    Because of the original content being shared on the site, such as the web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Crackle has quickly earned critical acclaim.

    The site also has a vast collection of past TV shows, including Firefly, News Radio, Mad About You, 227, and All in the Family, and older movies like Living Dead, Rudy, Paranormal Activity, and Animal House.


    14. Twitch



    Year Founded: 2011
    Average Monthly Traffic: 299 million



    Amazon also has an entry on this list. It’s called Twitch. It’s currently one of the best video and live streaming platforms.

    Although the primary focus of the site is on live video game streaming, game-related shows, and esports, it also has other, non-gaming content. It even has broadcast a few live music videos from concerts and festivals.

    Twitch has also put its name on the map in 2014 after broadcasting international DJ Steve Aoki’s entire set. Today, it is hailed the official streaming partner for Miami’s Ultra Music Festival.


    15. TED Talks



    Year Founded: 2004
    Average Monthly Traffic: 9 million



    Last but not least, we have TED Talks. A video-sharing website, it features over 2,300 talks that cover a wide array of topics about business, science, design, technology, educational, and global issues.

    While some of the talks on the site are funny, others are emotional. Some talks are created to explain how the brain works, while others are meant for pure entertainment purposes only. But there is one constant with all the videos on the site: You can take valuable or memorable lessons out of each talk.

    If you are pressed for time, then TED Talks is a must-visit site. Videos that are featured on the home page with a red circle mean they’re shorter than six minutes. You can filter them by topic, duration, or language.

    16. Vevo



    Year Founded: 2009
    Average Monthly Traffic: 3 million



    As they always say, music is therapeutic. So, if you are an avid music fan, then you should bookmark Vevo and mark it as your go-to streaming website. As an excellent YouTube alternative, it has an endless supply of music videos, all of which can literally be accessed at your fingertips.

    Unfortunately, it does not showcase diversified content, unlike its competitors. Therefore, if you are browsing the site for the first time, you might just be disappointed.
    Visit the website if you want to do nothing but submerge yourself in good vocals and sound.


    17. Photobucket



    Year Founded: 2005
    Average Monthly Traffic: 2.7 million



    Like Flickr, Photobucket isn’t just about photos. With its vast repository of user-generated videos and clips, it presents its visitors with more than just images.

    Though content is limited for the time being because it’s new, Photobucket can offer you a stellar browsing experience.



    YouTube wouldn’t be the number one video sharing website if it didn’t deserve it. However, all the sites included in the list still make a worthy YouTube alternative. But if you’d ask us, there isn’t really one site that can completely replace YouTube.

    After all, each site mentioned above has its own unique advantage over the other. Then again, we hope that you found our list of alternatives to YouTube handy. Visit any of the websites above, and if you come across any other great video-sharing sites, share them with us in the comments!

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