Jane Green

Content editor

Jane Green is the Content Editor of VPNwatch.com. She carefully goes through all the guides, articles, and reviews published on the site, making sure they pass the language, the company, and the industry’s strict standards.


Jane has completed a degree in Journalism from a renowned university in Singapore. She has also earned a Communications Certification from Acadia University.


Before her career with VPNwatch.com blossomed, Jane has spent over five years as a technical writer and editor for a huge web hosting company in Australia. During those times, she was tasked to perform unbiased tests on the company’s products, including domains, SSL certificates, web hosting, and a lot more. With her team, she puts together detailed manuals that guide customers on how to set up and install their products. Apart from her regular 9-6 job, she has also contributed to different online publications, including Techlum, Web Configure, Blogging Hits, Idea from the Web, Tech Magz, June Spring Multimedia, Tech Me Life, Bad Five, Digital Technology Institute, Hacker Minder, Tech Logins, What Mobile, Health Noise, Ingenium Web, and Bit News Bot.


While at vpnwatch.com, Jane has reviewed a multitude of VPN guides, including some of the biggest names out on the market today. Her review process isn’t just about spelling, tone, and grammar as she spends countless hours testing every fact. Like our VPN expert Jayden Andrews and our technical director Michael Brown, she also participates in VPN testing cases for IP and DNS leaks to better understand how the products work and to establish authority and accuracy in every line.Jane is VPNwatch.com’s head content editor. She guides the editorial team throughout the process. Oftentimes, she also writes extensive guides to help readers setup VPNs on their own.

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