Jayden Andrews

VPN expert

Jayden Andrews is a VPN expert for VPNwatch.com. He has since tested a number of VPN software and apps, and has tackled a number of VPN issues in various blogs. He has contributed to various online publications and blogs, such as Software Tested, Techlia, Techcommuters, Digitash, Top Most Blog, Tricky Enough, Smart Insights, Tech Media Today, and many other sites.


Jayden graduated from a prestigious university in the United Kingdom. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering and has majored in Computer Networks.


Jayden is backed by 10 years of experience in the digital security space. His career started with Mission You, where he worked as a network and computer systems administrator. Years of experience molded him into a certified tech expert in the United Kingdom. Because of his countless contributions to the company and his expertise in the VPN sector, he was eventually appointed and chosen to help launch VPNwatch.com, where he is currently playing a vital role of testing all VPNS.


As a VPN expert, Jayden keeps himself up to date with the latest VPN technologies in the market. He carefully tests each one of them for speed, security, accessibility, encryption, ease of use, versatility, P2P functionality, price, and tech support availability. He compiles his expert opinion into comprehensive reviews and guides, making sure to include all the important aspects every reader wants to know about a certain VPN app.

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