Michael Brown

Technical director

Michael Brown manages the technical side of VPN testing, focusing on VPN testing methodologies and leak checks. As a technical expert, he comes up with various VPN testing tactics and methodologies, making sure no important features of VPN software and apps are missed. He provides the technical support needed by our very own VPN expert Jayden Andrews and works closely with our content editor Jane Green.


Michael completed a degree in Computer Science from a renowned college in Sydney, Australia. He has also earned the Network+ certification through CompTIA, providing him with a solid foundation on how networks and computers communicate with each other.


With his many years in the industry, Mihael has acquired and learned new skill sets that honed him into the network expert he is today. Michael is equipped with vast networking and cybersecurity experiences and knowledge base that helped him land the current role he has with VPNwatch.com. He is knowledgeable about the different VPN protocols used in modern VPN technologies. He is also familiar with the server-side of programming and experienced with languages like Python, JavaScript, and PHP. Michael also knows how to apply this knowledge into practice. He can securely establish connections between networks from all over the world. He also knows how to perform tests on apps and APIs, making sure they are secure and free of malware entities.


As VPNwatch.com’s technical director, Michael spearheads the creation of test cases for VPNs. He comes up with scenarios that identify DNS and IP leaks, performs malware tests, and designs tools that test a VPN’s speed. He works closely with Jayden as he puts down his expert reviews into writing, sharing his technical know-how about VPNs.

Other Experts

Jayden Andrews

VPN expert

Jayden Andrews is a VPN expert for VPNwatch.com. He has since tested a number of VPN software and apps, and has tackled a number of VPN issues in various blogs. He has contributed to various online publications and …

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Jane Green

Content editor

Jane Green is the Content Editor of VPNwatch.com. She carefully goes through all the guides, articles, and reviews published on the site, making sure they pass the language, the company, and the industry’s strict standards.

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