How to Unblock Hulu?

By Jayden Andrews. February 13, 2020

Hulu is a fantastic online streaming service that only a few souls in this world would hate it. With its new Hulu + offering, the service is getting even better. Hulu + Live TV is a paid add-on that gives you unlimited access to over 60 TV channels.

Unfortunately, Hulu uses geo-blocking techniques to cut off viewers from outside the US. Therefore, you may not get the best out of Hulu if you don’t have enough knowledge. Sure, having proper credentials will get watch Hulu through your various devices, including PC, iPad, Mac, iPhone, and Android. But that’s only one part of the equation. For you to watch American content on Hulu, you need an IP address that’s in the US.

In the past, people used to get around geographical restrictions on platforms like Hulu using proxy servers. Unfortunately, the engineers at Hulu discovered the trick and have come up with ways to stop people from bypassing geo-restrictions. It is now impossible to use access Hulu outside the US using a proxy server. Actually, proxy servers will not help you access most streaming services. What is even more painful is that Hulu can ban you if it finds out that you are using tricks to watch movies. That is why you need to learn how to watch the US version of Hulu using effective techniques.

One of the few effective methods that you can use to access the US version of Hulu is using a VPN service. We will discuss this method in detail, so that you don’t run into trouble while using it. But first, here is a snapshot of what you should do.

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Step-by-Step Process

Follow these steps to bypass geographical restrictions and watch Hulu outside the US:

  • Select a reliable VPN service, such as Surfshark or NordVPN, and subscribe to it.
  • After that, select a server in the US, and then connect to it. With this setup, you will be able to channel your traffic through an encrypted tunnel to the server in the US, where it will change your IP address to a US one.
  • Finally, log in to Hulu and watch your favorite content.

That’s it. In fact, the process is as simple as installing a VPN app on your device, selecting a server, and then activating the connection. You will get a new IP address, but you will probably want to confirm it before signing into your Hulu account.

Why Should You Unlock Hulu?

As mentioned earlier, Hulu is only available for American viewers. If you are on vacation, on a business trip, or live outside the US, you will probably receive an error message if you try to log in. For those who love American content, Hulu is a great alternative to Netflix. So, being restricted to access it means that you will miss out on thousands of top-rated TV shows, movies, anime, and kids cartoons.

The good thing with Hulu is that it will allow you to create an account from outside the US, only that you won’t see any shows or movies. So far, the online streaming platform has shown no interest in expanding to other regions, so it is only reasonable to find the best way to circumvent restrictions. Thankfully, you can easily bypass these geo-restrictions if you have the right tools. Adjusting your IP address to a US one will do the magic.

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So, How Does Having a US IP Address Help You Access Hulu?

First, let’s understand what an Internet Protocol (IP) address is. An IP address informs the service or website you are interacting with that you are operating in a particular region of the world. For instance, if you have a Germany IP address, you cannot access online content preserved for the UK audience.

As is often the case, the only way to access such content is to acquire a UK IP address. Sadly, this requirement might mean the end of the road for some people. For a few others, they will pack their backs and cross over to the UK. But let’s be realistic. Only a few people will make such a move. So, the most viable option is to get yourself a VPN and connect to a remote server that will alter your IP to a UK one.

When you first sign in, Hulu checks your IP address to know your location. If the IP address identifies you to be outside the US, you will get an error screen, instead of the content catalog. So, you need a VPN to connect through a US server, which will help you bypass this geo-restriction.

How Does a VPN Help You Unblock Hulu?

A VPN creates a secure tunnel between your device and a remote server. Here, you need to choose a US server. Any service or website you visit will assume that you are accessing the internet within the US.

Unfortunately, not all VPNs can unblock Hulu. The US-based streaming service has put in place stricter measures to prevent those who are trying to get past its geo-blocks. So, don’t be fooled into thinking you can use some cheap proxy servers to bypass Hulu simply because it is not as popular as Netflix. In fact, tests have shown that Hulu’s block is more robust than the Netflix restriction.

Needless to say, but it has become increasingly difficult to access Hulu from outside the US. Be that as it may, you will still be able to circumvent the barrier using proven VPNs. Once you connect to a server in the US, your device will receive a new IP address originating from the US, enabling you to deceive Hulu.

For the best streaming experience, you need a VPN service that supports high-speed connections and unlimited bandwidth. There is nothing more frustrating than having to stare on your screen as you wait for a movie to load.

A premium VPN will go beyond just blocking Hulu. It will also encrypt your data, thus keeping it safe from malicious attacks. These VPNs have a strict no-log policy, rely on high-end security standards like 256-bit encryption, and comes with an automatic kill switch feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Using a VPN to Unblock Hulu Legal?
The short answer is that using a VPN is generally acceptable in most parts of the world. So, you wouldn’t expect anyone to arrest you for connecting through a VPN, unless you are using it for the wrong reasons – for instance, using a VPN to commit a crime.

But that does not mean using a VPN to access Hulu is criminal. After all, you are not unlocking anything secret. Moreover, you are paying for the service. What you are only doing is using your subscription while you are outside the US by bypassing Hulu restrictions.

With that said, you should note that Hulu does not permit the use of VPNs to access its service. That is why it has managed to block several of them. Thus, you should be careful not to choose an inferior VPN to access this platform. You shouldn’t even think of using a free VPN because it is most likely to get you into trouble. A majority of free VPNs come with weak security features, and their servers often experience constant breakdown due to inadequate maintenance.

If you want to avoid all these troubles, why not spend a few dollars to acquire a premium VPN? Apart from the above-recommended VPNs, you can also try Outbyte VPN, SurfShark, and PrivateVPN.


What Should I Do If I can’t Access Hulu Even When I’m Connected to a VPN?
For some reasons, you may still be unable to access Hulu, even if you have an active VPN connection. To resolve this problem, try to connect using another server. If the issue persists, consider contacting your VPN provider to advice on the server you should be using.
How Do I Pay for Hulu If I’m Outside the US?
Hulu is only available to US customers, meaning that you may not sign up for the service if you don’t have a US-based payment account. Usually, Hulu will not ask for your address, but your US-based payment card can be used to verify your location. You should also keep in mind that it is almost impossible to mimic a US payment if you are outside the US.

With that said, some users have had success signing up for Hulu with non-US payment cards. If you have already signed up for Hulu, then what you only need is to activate your VPN and log into your account.


What Should I Do When My Video Feed is Slow?
All VPNs add a layer of encryption that might slow down your connection, but the speed difference is often negligible. So, if your video loads very slow and blurry when you connect using a VPN, chances are that the server is to blame. The obvious thing to do is to change to a less congested server. Probably, you will get better results.

Usually, the more users are on the same server, the slower the performance. That is why it is critical to select a provider with a substantial number of servers in the US, as they are more likely to handle different traffic simultaneously. In other words, the large number of people on a server may not interfere with its speeds and, consequently, the quality of your streaming activities.


Can You Use a Free VPN to Unblock Hulu?
While you might be lucky to stumble onto a stable free VPN service, you are unlikely to unblock Hulu with it. So, the only reliable way to stream Hulu content without any struggle is to get a paid VPN. After all, most free VPNs lack the resources to change their VPN server IP addresses. Additionally, free VPNs are generally slower because of server congestion. Even if you are lucky to get one that can unblock Hulu, you are likely to experience constant buffering.

This brings us to the end of our definitive guide on how you can unblock Hulu if you are outside the US. Hopefully, you can now access the quite impressive selection of Hulu movies and TV shows. The only way Hulu can know that you are using a VPN is when large numbers of people share the same IP address, a blunder you want to avoid at all costs. Nonetheless, you can contact your VPN provider if you encounter any setback.

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