How to unblock Netflix

By Jayden Andrews. November 13, 2019

Netflix offers more TV shows and movies than you could watch in your entire life. While the streaming platform has a vast amount of content, you may only access a smaller percentage due to copyright agreements. Actually, programming on Netflix differs across the regions. A hot new movie may be available in the United States, but it might not make it to the Canadian Netflix library. 

So, if you are planning to access your favorite shows on Netflix while traveling abroad, you may be in for a tough time. This restriction may be a real problem to some customers since their subscription will go unused, yet they have paid for it. If that is the case, please read on. 

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Why People May Want to Unblock Netflix

Unblock Netflix at school and offices

Many authorities believe that Netflix is a distraction to workers and students. That is why many institution Wi-Fi networks block access to Netflix. While the intention may be noble, this blanket restriction can have unintended consequences. For instance, the blocking will prevent students from watching educational content like documentaries related to their learning. Likewise, blocking Netflix at school means that students will not watch Netflix during empty class blocks and lunch breaks.

Enjoy Netflix while traveling

Is it usually disappointing to get to your destination only to find out the movies you have been binge-watching in your country are no longer available. As we have mentioned earlier, some movies and TV shows on Netflix are only available in specific countries.

Another common problem you may encounter while abroad is that many hotels block Netflix for many reasons. Sometimes, they do it to prevent guests from using available bandwidth for streaming. In some cases, hotels might block Netflix so that you purchase entertainment content through their entertainment system.

Unblock Netflix at home

If your traffic is not encrypted, your ISP will monitor what you are doing online. So, you need a way to prevent any form of monitoring. It is not that you don’t want people to know that you are watching TV shows on the weekend. The main issue here is the quality of your streaming. Most ISPs sell vertically integrated services, meaning that your ISP could as well be your TV provider. In fact, some providers may have streaming services of their own. So, to protect their business interests, some ISPs may decide to throttle Netflix streaming. For this reason, you can use a VPN to mask your online identity.

Why Netflix Block Content?

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Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu usually partner with various media or film production companies to supply TV shows and movies in specific markets. For this reason, they can only allow you to access content in the country where you created your account.

Some TV or movie networks may be comfortable to license their shows to Netflix in other regions, but refuse to license locally. That way, these networks will force their audience to watch the shows on satellite or cable, where they can sell advertisements. But for some Netflix subscribers, that might appear like a raw deal.If Netflix were to decide to unblock content for all users, it will most likely lose these parties.

Most of them would refuse to license their content to Netflix, meaning the library would reduce drastically. To respect these license agreements and appease content creators, Netflix has become more effective in cracking down things. It has discovered some black-hat methods that subscribers used to circumvent geo-blocks.

But you shouldn’t give up yet. There are a few other ways you can unblock content and enjoy all it offers, regardless of your location.

Ways to Unblock Netflix


Use a VPN

One of the main ways companies or websites use to determine whether or not you are eligible to view content is by tracing your IP address. Fortunately, you can get around this trick by using a VPN. This tool can open up the entire Netflix catalog, giving you access to unlimited movies and TV shows.

When you use a VPN, you are connecting to a remote server which, in turn, passes on your request to the server of the service you want to access. In the eyes of Netflix, the remote server appears to be you. So, if the remote server is located in a country different from where you are, then your Netflix library will also change to reflect your new location.

For instance, if you are based in Australia and want to access content from the US Netflix library, you would have to mask your Australian-based IP address and route your traffic through a US-based server. This trick usually works even when you have signed up for Netflix elsewhere.

All you need to do is to sign in to your Netflix account, and from there, you will access the American-based content. There is no way Netflix will track you since all your data are encrypted and channeled through a secure tunnel. With a VPN, Netflix will believe that you are located in a different location watching their content.

How to Unblock Netflix Using a VPN?

Unblocking Netflix using a VPN is pretty easy. In fact, you need not be a tech-savvy to set up this trick. Follow these steps to get things done:

Choose a VPN provider: Recently, Netflix has improved its ways of identifying VPN connections. For this reason, only a few VPNs can help you unblock it. So, you need a VPN that is reliable and consistently unblocks Netflix. Besides this, you also need a service that with robust security and privacy protection, is compatible with popular devices, and is fast enough to stream in HD.

Install the VPN app: Download the software into your device and log into your account. If you are a techie, you can enable VPN services within your Wi-Fi router’s admin. This option lets you activate a VPN app on the entire network instead of installing the software on each of your devices.

Select and connect to a remote server: Once you have installed the software, choose the most appropriate server. Keep in mind that some VPN providers may only have a few servers that can handle Netflix streaming.

Enjoy your Netflix: If you have taken care of the above steps, the next thing to do is to sit back and enjoy your favorite movies and shows.


Use a Browser Extension

If using a VPN to unblock Netflix is impossible, try using a reliable browser extension to mask your IP address. There are various affordable, subscription-based apps that are compatible with Android, iOS, Chrome, and other browsers. But keep in mind that Netflix already knows some of these extensions. In fact, it has cracked down on them in the past.

Closing remark

The restrictions put in place by Netflix or ISPs can prevent subscribers from getting full value from the streaming platform. And as you know, Netflix can be a boredom killer for many people. Calorically speaking, if you are going to binge on anything, then it is better to be Netflix. It is entertaining and cheap to binge on a good movie than cheesecake.

Unfortunately, you might not do that because of geo-blocking. To counter this issue, you can trick Netflix into thinking you are in a different location, thanks to the technological magic of the internet. With a VPN, you can gain access to thousands of movies and shows that are probably hidden from you.

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