How to unblock Youtube

By Jayden Andrews. October 16, 2019

Following the passing of Article 13 of the Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive, we expect more YouTube videos to be blocked. It can be really frustrating to click on a YouTube link, or visit the site, only to find that a video is not available or it is blocked. YouTube is the world’s largest video hosting and sharing platform. It is also one of the favorite entertainers for many people, including kids and young adults in schools.

For most people, YouTube is almost everything. It is a source of entertainment, education, business, and many more. Whether they want a step-by-step guide, a daily dose of inspiration, or comical videos, YouTube always comes through for them. Even well-established media conglomerate like the BBC, CBS, Hulu, and Vevo offer some of their content through YouTube.  Unfortunately, YouTube is often seen as a source of distraction and a productivity killer. More colleges, offices, and schools are blocking their students or staff from accessing YouTube. Likewise, countries, such as Iran, North Korea, and China have blocked YouTube completely from their jurisdictions, claiming that it is a source of inappropriate content.

If you are among the users who have prevented from accessing YouTube for some reasons, you shouldn’t fret yet. There are a few options you can unblock YouTube. That’s what we will discuss in this definitive guide, including the various reasons why authorities block YouTube.

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Reasons for YouTube Restrictions

Require more bandwidth: Watching content on streaming platforms like YouTube or Netflix put a lot of pressure on the network’s bandwidth. So, if you are sharing the internet with several users like colleagues in the office, watching YouTube videos might mean a slowdown of internet speeds. Some employers might also block YouTube because they want to cut on bandwidth cost.

Licensing restrictions: Some video uploaders may only want to target users from some regions. If your country is not among the selected countries, then you can’t access that video as you regularly would.

Productivity killer: Authorities believe that YouTube steals away the time you would have used to work or study. For this reason, network administrators in universities and large corporations often block users from accessing this platform, forcing you to focus on the main thing. After all, they invest heavily on you, so they expect maximum productivity.
Censorship: As mentioned earlier, some countries place restrictions on their citizens regarding the content they should watch. If you are outside the US, it is unlikely that you will access the YouTube TV because of geo-blocking.

How to Unblock YouTube?

Choose one of the following solutions to unblock YouTube and enjoy the world of freedom. You need to take into account the type of restriction and the level of security you want. But before you even decide on the method you should use to unblock YouTube, make sure that it is actually blocked. If you ping and you don’t get any reply, there could be a problem with YouTube. But if you get a response and YouTube is not opening yet, then that is a sign that the platform is blocked.


Use a VPN

The most secure way to unblock YouTube and bypass all censorship is using a VPN. It is an excellent option for accessing content that has been restricted by censorship, firewalls, or geo-blocking technology. For instance, if you are in Australia and want to access American content on YouTube, you need to connect to a server located in the US.

Unlike a web proxy, VPNs will masquerade the actual website you want to visit. While they may involve more set up, they usually provide better overall security. But make sure to use a reliable VPN to avoid being a victim of cybercrime. Some of them sell your data, which is a price too high to pay for YouTube access.


Use a Web Proxy

With a proxy, you can access any blocked website, including the YouTube platform. Most free proxies are notoriously unreliable and can log your browsing history. A proxy masks your IP, but it doesn’t encrypt your data, so it is less safe than a VPN. Since they aren’t very secure, you should not use them for other things, except for YouTube. With that said, there are quality YouTube proxies that are fast and easy to use. To connect to a proxy, you can follow any of these three ways:

  • Manually connecting through your browser
  • Using a proxy website
  • Using a browser add-on

Use Tor Browser

You can install Tor on your device to help you route your traffic over multiple relay nodes, hiding your original IP. The YouTube server will find it hard to trace your real IP, as it will only see the exit node. So, if the exit node is in a region that is not blocked, you can unblock YouTube easily. The only disadvantage of using Tor is that it slows down your internet connection. Hoping data over several nodes will drop the speeds, making it painful to stream content on YouTube. Sometimes, it can also be hard to select the country of the exit node.


Configure the DNS

Another networking trick you can use to unblock YouTube is changing the DNS address of your server. This method might work best for those with average to advanced computer networking skills. Most administrators block websites on their servers, so if you bypass that, you will have avoided the block. You can modify the DNS settings on your computer or within your web browser.


Use Browser Extensions

Browser extensions or plugins can help you unblock YouTube. There are many of them, but two of the most popular ones are ProxTube and Ultrasurf.

ProxTube: This is a cool add-on if you are using Mozilla Firefox. ProxTube is lightweight, and it only serves when you request it. This extension can help you bypass geo-restrictions, too.
Ultrasurf: This plugin is ideal for users who yearn for freedom and value security. It works best on Google Chrome. You can also install a PC version.
If the above extensions don’t cut it for you, then try these alternatives: Zalmos and Proxfree.


Change the YouTube URL

Configuring with a website’s URL can trick the firewall on your network, making it easier to access blocked sites. Most network administrators only add websites URLs to a blacklist. Give it a try. Your web administrator could have only added the main URL ( to the blacklist. If that is the case, you can access YouTube by typing into the address bar. The only challenge is that this trick will only work on local network firewalls.


Use Hola

Hola is a proxy by nature, but it has other useful abilities, such as being a GPS locator, an ad blocker, an accelerator, and a web browser. With the help of Hola, you can access YouTube virtually from anywhere in the globe. Most people prefer Hola because it is free and works like a charm. You can install it as a browser extension or use the Hola app on your Windows device. Whichever method you choose, you can still access blocked YouTube videos.


Unblock with an IP Address

While IP addresses may appear ugly and without meaning, they can help you bypass restrictions. You can use it to access a website instead of a URL. Actually, every site has its own IP address. In most cases, you may not immediately know an IP address of a website, but you can get it using the cmd command. Just ping using the Command Prompt. You can then run the IP address on your browser.


Use a Mobile Device

If YouTube is not accessible on your internet network, try using your mobile hotspots. Switch on portable fields on your mobile device, and then connect to one of the spots from your computer. If you are connected to your office Wi-Fi network, the better; you won’t use your mobile data.


Use YouTube Downloader Websites

Blocking YouTube can’t stop you from accessing videos on this platform. Besides the above options, you can download YouTube videos, and then watch them. For this trick to work, you need to know the download links. The easiest way to get around this problem is to search for the videos you want to watch on YouTube, and then pick out the links from there. From here, feed the links into a YouTube downloader program. Most YouTube downloader software come free of charge and usually offer you a variety of resolutions and format choices.

Freedom to Watch

There is a ton of amazing videos on YouTube, ranging from educating to entertaining content. So, it is unfair for anyone, whether the authorities or video uploaders, to place unnecessary restrictions on the platform.

Use the above tips to access YouTube, whether you are at work or in school. But you should keep in mind that some unblocking solutions may slow down your internet speeds, which means your videos will continually pause to buffer. For some people, this can be even more frustrating than being completely blocked.

For a smooth connection and better overall experience, use a reliable VPN. It will help you access YouTube from anywhere in the world, without worrying about privacy.

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