How to Use PayPal Anonymously

By Jayden Andrews. April 22, 2020

PayPal is currently one of the most widely used payment options around the world. As of January 2020, there are more than 305 million active PayPal accounts and 22 million active PayPal merchant accounts sending and receiving funds across the globe.

According to PayPal’s website, this service is the safest and easiest way to send and receive online payments without sharing your financial information. You can pay using your credit card, bank account, PayPal Smart Connect, or account balances without revealing your account number, account name, or card details.

However, when you send money through PayPal, the email address attached to your PayPal account and the name you used for signing up will still be visible to the receiver. And when you need to receive funds, you need to provide the email address attached to the PayPal account to which the money will be sent. And we all know that giving out your email address, particularly one that is tied to your financial accounts, can be very risky.

So if you want to send money to a merchant for NSFW items you bought online and you don’t want to reveal your name, how do you make anonymous PayPal payments? If you don’t want to expose the email address associated with your PayPal account, you need to find ways to send and receive payments without using your personal information.

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How to Send and Receive Payments Anonymously Using PayPal

Before trying the methods below, keep in mind that doing anonymous PayPal transactions can get you into trouble. PayPal might consider your transactions suspicious or potentially fraudulent and freeze your account. Your PayPal account might even get deactivated. However, as long as you’re not involved in any fraudulent or restricted activities, you can appeal your case and retrieve your account.

To circumvent these risks, it is highly recommended that you use a good VPN to mask your IP address and hide your transactions from third parties. Although PayPal will still be able to trace your transactions, using a VPN at least shields your activities and ensures your privacy when making payments online.

If you understand these risks and you still want to proceed with using PayPal anonymously, check out the methods outlined below.

Method 1: Use a Dummy PayPal Account

Your first option is to use a dummy PayPal account and route all your transactions through that account. You just need a working email address to set up the account; then link a prepaid debit card to verify the account and lift the limits. Just go to and sign up for a new account. Make sure that the email address you’re using doesn’t contain any identifiable information.

Once you have signed up for a new account and verified it, you can now transfer funds from your real PayPal account to the dummy account and use the latter to send and receive payments.

If there are no available prepaid debit cards in your country and you can’t verify your dummy PayPal account, here’s what you can do to transfer payments to your real account:

1. Sign in to your real PayPal account.
2. Go to Request payment and enter the amount (the money you want to transfer from your dummy account to the real PayPal account) and the email address of the dummy account.
3. Sign out of PayPal and sign back in using your dummy account.
4. Accept the payment request, and the amount will be sent to your real PayPal account.

PayPal does not require a verified account or banking information when responding to a payment request.

Method 2: Use a PayPal Business Account

When you send a payment using your regular PayPal account, your PayPal email address and your name show up at the receiver’s end. You want to avoid giving out these details as much as possible, and using a business account is one way to accomplish this.

Sign up for a business account, enter your email address, and then add details about your business and the account holder’s information. You can sign up as a freelancer or an individual seller for convenience. The next step is to verify the account by linking a bank account. Once the account has been verified, choose a payment solution to start sending and receiving payments.

Now you can use your PayPal business account to send and receive funds without revealing your name and your personal email address. This is because what the other party will see is the name of the business and the email address used for signing up for the account. All information regarding the account holder will be protected.

Why Use Anonymous PayPal Transactions?

If you go to PayPal’s website and various discussion forums, other users will tell you that it is impossible to send or receive funds anonymously through PayPal. And this is mainly because of two reasons: you need to get your PayPal account verified, and you need to add a bank account or credit card in your name.

There are different ways to get your PayPal account verified, and the requirements vary from country to country. Depending on your location, you might be asked to upload a copy of your identification card, link a bank account and routing number, link a debit or credit card, or provide your social security number. Verifying your PayPal account lifts the initial limits set by PayPal on the amount that you can send, receive, or withdraw.

So if you want to send or receive funds anonymously, you need to work around the strict regulations set by PayPal for it to work. Keep in mind, however, that sending and receiving funds anonymously for the wrong reasons can get you into trouble. Here are some of the common reasons why some users prefer using PayPal anonymously:

If you don’t want the seller to know your real email address or your name

This could happen when you’re buying products from independent sellers overseas and you don’t want to give out any identifiable information. However, this would only work for items purchased that don’t need to be delivered to your home address.

If you’re paying for controversial or sensitive items

Want to buy pills or adult toys, but you’re too shy for these items to be associated with you? Or maybe you’re a celebrity who’s been paid to promote a certain brand, but you want to use your competitor’s products. Or you simply don’t want your purchases to be traced back to you for other reasons.

If you want to protect your privacy and anonymity

Another compelling reason to use PayPal anonymously is your online privacy. Your email address and full name may seem harmless to most people, but they can be a treasure trove of information for those who know how to use them. All it takes is a bit of research and some hacking tools for online attackers to know more about you and access your data using just your name and your email address.

So if you want to use PayPal anonymously for any of the reasons listed above, then this guide is for you. We’ll discuss a couple of ways to send and receive funds via PayPal without giving out your real name and email address.

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