How to View and Clear Hulu Watch History

By Jayden Andrews. May 5, 2020

Those using Hulu in the U.S. to watch some of the latest movies and TV shows should be proud of using the best VOD system on the market. However, enjoying Hulu can sometimes be a bit challenging, especially if you are a new subscriber.

The Hulu app may feed you content that you are not interested in based on your viewing history. If you are not happy with the Hulu recommendations, then you should not hesitate to clear your Hulu watch history.

In this article, we give you some tips to help you view and clear your Hulu watch history and continue watching your favorite TV shows.

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How to view your Hulu watch history

You can find your Hulu watch history in the Keep Watching collection. If you want to see your Hulu watch history, you must first ensure you can access the site on your desktop or mobile application.

Follow these steps to view your Hulu watch history

Connect your device to the internet.
Log in to your Hulu account with the correct password.

• Click on ‘All watch history.’ Here you will see all the recent movies you have watched.

• You can now go through the entire viewing history and delete anything that you feel is inappropriate.
• You can click on ‘remove all videos’ to clear the whole viewing history.

Once you finish, the Hulu site will save all the changes automatically. You will start getting the latest movies and TV shows to watch. Apart from being able to clear your watch history on Hulu, you can also click on specific content in your watch history and continue watching it from where you paused.

The Keep Watching feature makes Hulu more convenient for those in places with slow and unstable internet connections.

Removing or deleting items from your Hulu watch history

Hulu allows you to remove a movie or show from your watch history if you don’t want it to appear there anymore. For instance, if you have just watched some adult content on a shared Hulu account, it is always proper to remove the inappropriate content from the watch history.

Remove from Watch History

You can use the ‘Remove from Watch History’ feature on Hulu to clear a specific show or movie from your viewing history. Here are some steps you can follow to achieve this:

Visit and log in to your Hulu account.
• Move to the ‘Keep Watching’ tab.
Click on a movie or TV show thumbnail and wait for more options and information to appear.
• To remove the movie or show from your watch history, you can click on the ‘X’ icon.
• Complete the action and save your changes, click on ‘Done.”

Initial Watch History

Sometimes you can delete content from your Hulu watch history by mistake. In that case, simply click on the “Undo” icon to go back to your initial watch history. Note that the above steps are only useful for those accessing Hulu on a desktop. Those using the Hulu app on their mobile phones can remove a show or movie from their Hulu watch history by following these steps:

• Once you have logged in to your Hulu account, move to ‘All Watch History.’
• Click on the three dots on any of the thumbnails for more options.
• Click ‘Remove from Watch History’ on the menu.
• Confirm and save all the changes you have made.

Hulu watch history gone? Here is what you should do

Your Hulu watch history may disappear when you clear it by mistake or when you have a shared account and someone removes it without your consent. In rare cases, you will log in to your Hulu account and find all the watch history missing.

If you have a problem accessing your Hulu watch history, then you should update your Hulu app to the latest version. The latest Hulu app comes with some unique features that make it easier to access your Hulu viewing history.

Everyone with your Hulu password may know how to see Hulu watch history. When streaming movies and shows on Hulu, you must protect your computer or mobile phone with a VPN to prevent anyone from accessing your watch history without your consent. A VPN ensures internet privacy and enhances your streaming experience.

Final thoughts

As a beginner in using VOD sites like Hulu, you may find it hard to customize or manage your viewing history and the entire user account. With this guide at your reach, you are always ready to clear and view your Hulu watch history without calling their customer care desk for assistance.

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