How to Watch Star Trek Discovery in Netflix

By Jayden Andrews. June 17, 2020

The news about the first Star Trek series since 2005 coming out has every sci-fi fan very excited. Despite people being so hyped about this series, it’s not available on all movie websites. Some video-on-demand sites have it, but they block users from certain geographical locations from watching it.

How to Watch Star Trek Discovery Online on Netflix

One site that blocks some users is Netflix. In this article, we look at how you can use a VPN to watch Star Trek Discovery on Netflix stress-free. So, keep reading to find out.

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Why You Need a VPN to Watch Star Trek Discovery on Netflix

The sad news is that both Netflix US and Canada don’t have Star Trek Discovery. The good news is that VPNs have come to the rescue of Trekkies (Star Trek fans) all over the world and now you can use a VPN to watch this series from anywhere without much struggle.

Using a good VPN allows you to mask your IP address, thus making it seem like you are in a different country. For instance, if you live in Canada, you can use a VPN to fool Netflix servers into believing you’re somewhere else and bypass the service’s restrictions. Doing this helps you to unblock any blocked content and watch all the movies you want.

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You must note that it’s not always as easy as it sounds because some VPNs don’t work well with Netflix. Besides, Netflix uses anti-VPN software. Therefore, you can also be blocked if Netflix senses your VPN activity, which is why you must have a high-quality VPN. A premium service recycles its IPs often, making it extra difficult to be detected by Netflix.

Star Trek Discovery on Netflix


5 Steps to Unblock Star Trek on Netflix with a VPN

1. Visit the official website of a VPN service that perfectly unblocks Netflix like NordVPN or SurfShark and download the version that’s compatible with your computer.

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2. Download the VPN and install it on your device.
3. Pick a server. To watch Star Trek Discovery using a VPN, you have to choose an Asian or European server. Doing this ensures a fast connection and guarantees that you’ll access your series from any location.

choose a vpn server for watching star trek discovery
4. Hit the Connect button.
5. Open your browser and log in to Netflix. Now enjoy great speeds and incredible security while watching the Star Trek Discovery series.

5 Great VPNs For Watching Star Trek Discovery on Netflix

1. NordVPN

NordVPN has gained so much popularity over the last few years as it’s among the best VPNs that you’ll find out there. One thing that this VPN is known for is superb speeds. Nord VPN provides you with a variety of more than 5000 servers to pick from, which works greatly when it comes to unblocking Netflix content and providing high speeds. These servers are available in countries from different continents, thus making NordVPN an easily accessible option for most people.

In addition, NordVPN undergoes multiple tests to check how it performs with slow internet connections. These tests show that using this VPN provides exceptional results as it allows you to stream at high speeds despite how far the servers are.

This VPN also has a no-logs policy and uses highly advanced 256-bit encryption. These two features help to ensure that your data, from your IP address to the connection duration, stays secure.

NordVPN allows you to switch between different servers and also stop the connection immediately the software malfunctions, thus making sure your IP address remains private.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is another fantastic VPN that has shown great potential, especially when unblocking content on Netflix while maintaining high security. This VPN is also a new kid on the block, which makes it a great option since Netflix does not have it on its list of possible targets.

This unique VPN provides over 1040 servers that you can access from around 61 countries across the globe. These servers offer total excellence when it comes to keeping you anonymous and offering great speeds when streaming Star Trek on Netflix. Therefore, Surfshark allows you to stream fast without any buffering or other interruptions.

Although Surfshark is a fast VPN, it has been observed to reduce Internet speeds by around 30% after being connected. This percentage might seem huge, but that happens because Surfshark must reroute internet traffic using servers that are usually miles away. So, this speed reduction is normal.

Did you know that you can connect to different servers at the same time? Using this VPN enables you to make use of simultaneous connections, thus making it even harder to be blocked by Netflix.

3. IP Vanish

If you have been reading about the top VPNs lately, then you’ve most probably come across this one. IP Vanish is a popular VPN that promises top-notch privacy and security, which are two vital things that most VPNs often fail to deliver. So, how will it help you to watch Star Trek on Netflix?

IP Vanish is among the fastest VPNs that you’ll find on the market today because it gives you access to over 1300 servers. Therefore, you can easily use this VPN even if you are in a small country like Malaysia, Hungary, or Nigeria. Besides, these servers have over 40,000 IP addresses to take advantage of, thus allowing you to enjoy extremely high speeds when streaming on Netflix despite the number of active users.

Like all other VPN apps, IP Vanish also considers itself as one of the fastest services out there today. However, this theory had to be tested. The most recent speed test shows that IP Vanish reduces your speeds by about 30%. So, IP Vanish dropped a connection of around 2.20 Mbps to 1.43 Mbps. Considering that this software has to connect to servers that are thousands of miles away, then its performance is still great.

This VPN uses high-grade encryption (AES-256 encryption), meaning that Netflix can’t unscramble any data from its servers. So, you can easily unblock Star Trek Discovery and watch it without worrying about your VPN being blacklisted while you’re having fun.

Even better, IP Vanish has a great kill switch feature. This feature turns off your internet connection when your VPN faces an issue, therefore ensuring you remain undetected by Netflix. You can resume your connection later and continue watching your series.

4. Private VPN

If you are looking for a VPN that’s both easy to use and effective, then Private VPN is a great fit. Private VPN offers access to more than 3300 servers that are available in about 32 countries. With it, you can connect to servers in countries such as Spain, Australia, France, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and the UAE, among many others.

Nobody wants to be stuck with a VPN that makes it impossible to browse efficiently due to low speeds. Private VPN has been observed to cause a 34% speed drop, which is not bad. Therefore, you can trust it to help you watch Star Trek Discovery on Netflix with no buffering.

Also, Private VPN provides quality encryption. So, you can trust it to keep you safe when watching Star Trek Discovery on Netflix while maintaining high speeds.

5. Fastest VPN

Although Fastest VPN doesn’t have many servers compared to other VPNs, it offers excellent speeds on Netflix, just like its name suggests. This unique VPN has about 150 servers in over 30 countries all over the planet. Also, this VPN has military-grade encryption, assuring you proper protection both from anti-VPN software and malware when browsing. So, Fastest VPN is simple software with a few features, but that is enough to help you watch your series on Netflix.

Fastest VPN promises efficacy, especially when it comes to speed. A recent test shows that using this VPN on a 2-Mbps connection decreases your internet speed by only 6%. Amazing, right? These results show that Fastest VPN indeed provides highly reliable speeds.

Star Trek Discovery has become one of the most searched for series on the internet today as the Star Trek franchise has millions of fans worldwide. Even though Netflix is among the best sites to get this series, it blocks users from certain locations. All is not lost, though, as you can use a high-quality VPN to watch Star Trek Discovery on Netflix. In this article, we have listed various excellent VPNs that you can consider using. Therefore, go through all the options carefully to choose one that’ll offer the security and speed levels you need to both watch your series on Netflix seamlessly and stay safe when browsing.

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