Lightshot Leak Exposes Sensitive Data

By Jayden Andrews. April 17, 2020

Lightshot developers are in trouble after a leak was discovered in their screenshot software. Unfortunately, users can easily access other people’s screenshots, which is a considerable risk, especially with the increased cases of identity theft.

It was found that anyone could access millions of stored screenshots, including passport details, private conversations, credit card details, you name them.

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How you can detect the LightShot leak

Install the software

The first step is to download and install Lightshot. You have a choice to install for Mac or Windows, depending on what device you are using.

Sign in through your Gmail or Facebook on the site.

Take a screenshot and save it

Now that you already have the tool ready for use, you can take your screenshot and save it to your clipboard or gallery.

Go to the gallery menu on the site.

Open the photo in the browser

A unique photo address will pop, and it should be like:

Change the characters

You can change the characters and digits after the slash to view a ton of other similar screenshots.

You might be thinking that the unique link you get is hard to guess, but you will be shocked to see that for every digit you change, you get a different valid screenshot. You can quickly access other people’s details, such as emails, passport details, and phone numbers by merely changing the digits on the link.

The providers are putting their users at risk by interfering with their privacy, something that must be looked into.

Before using this tool, know what you are getting yourself into. It is also best if people avoid using it to screenshot sensitive or personal information to be on the safe side.

The essence of the leak

Users are advised to avoid using the ‘upload to cloud feature,’ especially when sensitive information is involved. The files are accessible by anyone. If you are in any field that requires you to take lots of screenshots, then you understand how much of a struggle getting the right tool for the job can be.

You should take your time to understand the background and acquire more information about the software before trusting it with your needs. A lot of individuals assume that once they take a screenshot and save it to their gallery, then they are the only ones who have access to the image.

Lightshot has proven otherwise, and if you are not careful, you will be exposing yourself to strangers. The worst part is that people across the globe use the tool, and the more the users, the higher the risk. This is because a person from any country could use your information.

Some people will use this to collect users’ phone numbers, ID information, and credit card data and use them for malicious activities. They could even blackmail you with the information. Nobody deserves going through such, simply because a company could not protect its clients.

Privacy and Security Tips

The good news is that you can protect yourself from such security threats and ensure that your data does not get on the wrong hands. There is a range of measures you can take to do so. sSome of which include:

Avoid saving screenshots to the cloud

The leading cause of the leak is because most individuals choose to upload photos to the cloud. While uploading the images to the cloud makes sharing easier, the link you get exposes you to the leak. It is, therefore, best if you avoid this. Instead, upload the images to the computer gallery.

Use a VPN

Other than offering you privacy and allowing you to change addresses, VPNs are a super-effective way to stay safe, especially when sending personal information. A VPN works by encrypting your data to ensure that it is only accessible to authorized persons. With so many VPN options in the market, make sure that you take your time to look for a reliable one that can save you from hackers and ensure that your screenshots are safe with you. The most secure choices are NordVPN and Surfshark, as they have both proven to offer maximum advanced security and encryption.

Use a password manager

You can easily protect yourself by using a password manager, which saves you from the hassle of having to remember a dozen passwords. This will offer you enhanced security and convenience when using online services and when sharing your screenshots on social media.

Use an antivirus software

Your computer privacy could be compromised due to attacks by viruses and malware. By installing a reliable anti-malware or antivirus software, you will be protecting your computer from intruders that could be after your data. The software will detect any suspicious activities, inform you, or block them all at once.

Lightshot history and overview

Lightshot is a free Mac and Windows screenshot software. It was designed to provide users with an easy and fast way to capture the screen to get unique shots. It comes with a range of features so you can easily customize the way you wish to take your screenshot.

You can choose to capture a section of the screen, such as a conversation or the entire screen. Lightshot was created during a time when most Windows editions did not have snipping tools. It was introduced as a response when Microsoft added a screenshot and provided similar functionality and features.

The capture software is integrated with a range of fantastic editing tools, notations, tests, and color effects to help you make the screenshot more interesting. Even better, you can save the photo, upload it to a site, share it through email, or upload it on social media. The fact that it has a shortcut key for easy image capturing makes it even better.

There are different ways to use this tool. This software has an excellent mechanism where you can draw on the screen to determine which areas you wish to capture. It also features a box that you can use to select or use freehand, too. Once you capture, the screenshot image appears on the desktop, and you can then choose if you want to save it or edit.

Lightshot has been booming and continually rising to popularity primarily due to its easy to use features. This means that it currently has millions of users from different parts of the globe. It allows users to take screenshots with just two clicks. They can easily save the images, edit, and share them on social media platforms.

While Lightshot is easy to use and provides users with great edit features, the leak is something to be worried about. Users could find themselves in a colossal mess and huge losses simply because unauthorized people used the data that they acquired from this software. This security glitch could see the company losing its users. The tool could also be banned following the company’s termination. It is a company’s responsibility to offer data security and privacy, and clearly, Lightshot is not doing that.

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