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About NordVPN

NordVPN is among the fastest VPNs today. With only about a 6% speed drop, the difference in your internet connection is hardly noticeable. You can’t almost feel the speed drop as you can still stream High-Definition videos without having to wait for them to buffer.

When it comes to security, this VPN won’t disappoint, too. It has all the best security features, such as a no-logs policy and a kill switch for an added layer of protection. More of NordVPN’s features below:


With NordVPN enabled, your activities while on a public Wi-Fi network remains secure. This service allows you to send and receive data through an encrypted channel, meaning nobody can get their hands on your personal information. No matter how hard a cybercriminal tries to intercept your data, it will be impossible to decipher it.

To secure communications and activities on the web, NordVPN usess the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. It also uses the PGP keys to encrypt communications between the user and the server. Most importantly, it has two different kill switches. One allows users to choose to close a specific app completely, and another one that terminates the connection in the event of an unexpected dropout.

Total Privacy

If you don’t use a VPN, your connection becomes open. Many devices or prying eyes can look at your data, log it, and use it in fraudulent activities. With NordVPN, you will be at ease knowing that your IP address and data remain hidden.

No Logs Policy

NordVPN’s headquarters is in Panama, a country with no strict data retention laws. This means that this VPN won’t log your activities, which is great for your privacy.

Access to Restricted Content

Many countries all over the world restrict their citizens from accessing certain types of online content. Social media sites, chat apps, games, and even search engines like Google are not exempted to this restriction. By using NordVPN, you can freely connect to servers in various countries and make your IP address appear as if you are somewhere else.

Protection for All Your Devices

Are you using a Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android device? Not a problem. NordVPN has an app for almost every platform. It even has encrypted proxy extensions for browsers like Firefox and Chrome. Most importantly, one subscription allows you to secure up to devices simultaneously.

Speed and Stability

Buffering is completely frustrating. And when you’re streaming or downloading files with a slow internet connection, a poor internet connection is not an option. With NordVPN, you don’t have to worry about internet problems. You can choose from more than 5600 servers spread across 58 countries and enjoy the best VPN experience. The more the servers, the lesser the load. And you know what that means? A fast and stable connection.


NordVPN is a secure VPN service that can be availed of at a reasonable pricing plan. It is available in four pricing options, with the annual plan offering great savings. The VPN’s pricing plans are as follows: $3.49 per month for 3 years, $4.99 per month for 2 years, $6.99 per month for 1 year, and $11.95 for a one-month plan.