Goose VPN review

TOP rank 8.5 Reviewed by Michael Brown
January 31, 2020

As far as VPN apps go, Goose VPN is a great one. Its servers are fast and consistent. They are also optimized for streaming and P2P sharing. The app also has very credible security and privacy features that will ensure that you remain anonymous while surfing the net.

As for the customer care team, they are highly responsive and will take the time to respond to all your queries.  The only concerning thing about the app is that you might get streaming error on Netflix. Other than that minor inconvenience, there is nothing else to worry about Goose VPN.

2 years: $2.99/month
Save 77%

As far as VPN apps go, Goose VPN is a great one. Its servers are fast and consistent. They are also optimized for streaming and P2P sharing. The app also has very credible security and privacy features that will ensure that you remain anonymous while surfing the net.

As for the customer care team, they are highly responsive and will take the time to respond to all your queries.  The only concerning thing about the app is that you might get streaming error on Netflix. Other than that minor inconvenience, there is nothing else to worry about Goose VPN.

Fast server speeds
Military-grade encryption
P2P and streaming optimized servers
Unlimited device connections
30 days free trial
Streaming error on Netflix
Few servers and server locations


Speed drop speedtest We check the speed with and without VPN, then calculate the average in percentage. The smaller the speed drop, the faster the VPN.
Strict no-log policy
IP, DNS Leaks
Jurisdiction The 5 Eyes (FVEY), 9 Eyes and 14 Eyes alliances impose laws that force VPN companies to hand over logs to the government upon request. Privacy Havens - These are countries where companies don't have to share their logs to the government and VPN users are completely protected.
Netherlands (9 eyes)
Netflix Unblock
Torrenting speed drop
Simultaneous connections
Works in China
No special features
24/7 Live Chat, Email, phone
Kill switch
Encryption AES-256 is the most secure type of encryption today. Other standards like DES-CBC, AES-128 provide lower levels of security.
Protocols OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPsec are the most popular protocols which provide optimal balance between speed and security.
Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows
Android TV, Chrome, Routers

Speed tests

Ordinary connection
Download: 2.21 Mbps
Ping: 617 Ms
Upload: 0.08 Mbps

When browsing the internet, everyone wants fast servers. They make it easier and less frustrating to access most of your favorite sites.  But with a VPN app, maintaining a fast internet connection can be a bit challenging, given that VPN apps must reroute your internet traffic through servers that are thousands of miles apart.

We wanted to see if Goose VPN would make it impossible to surf the internet, so we went ahead and conducted speed tests on some of their servers.

Checking VPN servers

If there is anything that these speed tests show, it is that Goose is very consistent in delivering a solid performance. Now, a 15% drop in download speeds is if anything, an impressive performance. Remember that the VPN servers are located thousands of miles away and traffic through them involves some processes such as encrypting all your data. This takes a toll on the speed of your internet connection and a 15% drop is just a blip.

Download: 2.05 Mbps
Ping: 164 Ms
Upload: 0.12 Mbps
Download: 1.75 Mbps
Ping: 0.12 Ms
Upload: 0.12 Mbps
Download: 1.69 Mbps
Ping: 226 Ms
Upload: 0 Mbps
Download: 2.05 Mbps
Ping: 452 Ms
Upload: 0.07 Mbps

Average speed drop: -15%Good


40+ servers
30+ countries

Goose VPN has 40+ servers in 30+ country locations. Some other sources put the servers at 170+ but we counted only 40 from the app and the ones listed on their main site.

40 might seem like a bad number, but it is not, especially if the app does not have that many subscribers. Goose VPN notes that they are constantly looking to increase the number of servers under their management which is something that we all look forward to.

Security features

If a VPN app fails on security, then I would say that it has little else to offer to the world. I wanted to find out what encryption methods, protocols, and the security features it has in store.

Military-grade Encryption

The app uses the same encryption technology as the US government to send classified information. With the AES-254 encryption standard working to encrypt your data, no one can snoop on you.

OpenVPN Protocol

The protocol in use by Goose VPN to make VPN connections is OpenVPN. OpenVPN has the following advantages: • Runs on all the popular platforms • Has a good firewall compatibility • Compatible with the latest in encryption technology and • Provides fast and secure connections Other than OpenVPN, Goose VPN also relies the following other protocols: IKEv2, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec. These too also have their own advantages such as fast speeds and wide compatibility. When making a VPN connection with the app, the default is set to automatic meaning that it is the app that will decide on your behalf which protocol to use with the server of your choice.

Check all Goose VPN features

Internet Kill Switch

Goose VPN has an internet kill switch that protects users from discovery whenever the app malfunctions. The internet kill switch is to be found in the settings section of the website. If you want to be protected by it, you will have to turn it on.

IP and DNS Leaks

The true test of a VPN app is whether or not it provides its users with their desired level of anonymity. If it does not, then there is no point in referring to it as a VPN app. To test whether Goose VPN provides anonymity, we performed IP and DNS leak protection tests on

The IP address that is to be seen here was assigned to us by Goose VPN, meaning that indeed the app does provide IP leak protection.

On the screenshot, the DNS does not show which a good thing is albeit a little bit confusing. If you recall, the screenshot showing the kill switch had a setting titled “Enable DNS leak protection”. It was turned off by default so we could not tell if some other app or hacker could get our DNS info.

IP leak results:
No leaks
DNS leak results:
No leaks

Logs policy

Nowadays, everyone who subscribes to a VPN service or basically surfs the internet is worried about their privacy following the Snowden revelations. That is why a strict no logging policy is essential when buying a VPN app.

The logs policy details what the VPN service provider does with your data and whether or not they store it or pass it to third parties such as the NSA.

Goose VPN has a no strict logs policy and they promise to not share any user data with government authorities. Here is a quote from their site:

“We have a 100% no log policy at GOOSE VPN. We take your privacy and safety very seriously. You do not have to worry that your information is shared with third parties. This policy allows you to go online fully protected and without any limits, even when you are downloading something. GOOSE VPN does not store IP addresses.”

While the above quote seems believable, you must understand that Goose VPN headquarters are in the Netherlands, a staunch member of the 9 eyes. If prompted, the company might just as well pass user data in compliance to the state’s regulations.

Check Goose VPN privacy policy

Unblocking Netflix

Folks everywhere from the mountains of Ethiopia to hot springs of Iceland are hooked to streaming services such as Netflix. But despite the love, they do face a familiar hurdle. Streaming services favor some regions over others with the most favored being North America and Western Europe.

But if you are armed with a VPN app, you might be able to bypass some of the restrictions that Netflix has put in place. We tried doing that with Goose VPN.

After using a different browser to login to Netflix and making sure that we were connecting to Netflix Canada, and we still got the errors.

Netflix unblock status:


The other big reason for which people rely on VPN apps is torrenting. Torrenting involves sharing files that are sometimes illegal and that means that getting caught by authorities could pose some serious risks such as jail time or hefty fines.

Goose VPN is optimized for torrenting with their P2P servers. We tried downloading some stuff with one of their servers to gauge how well it would perform. Here are the results.

Torrenting without VPN:
316 kb/sec
Torrenting with VPN:
206 kb/sec
Speed deduction: -35%

A 34.7% change in download speeds is not bad and given that this number is highly variable sometimes coming to as little as 7%, we believe that it is excellent

Tor Check

The Tor network is the most privacy focused browser on the planet. If you don’t have the luxury of a VPN app, it is the to go to system for anonymity. But compared to a VPN connection, the Tor browser still has its flaws that is why pairing it with a VPN connection is the most secure way to surf the net.  We tried pairing a Goose VPN connection with the Tor network to see if we could access some of the world’s favorite onions. It turns out that Goose VPN is very compatible with the Tor Network.

Compatibility status:


Android TV
Simultaneous connections:
Unlimited devices

Goose VPN is available to users of the following platforms: Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Android TV, routers, Linux and Chrome browser add on. With a single subscription, you can connect as many devices as you want.

We found that offer (as many devices as you want) to be very enticing, especially for small companies that have employees accessing corporate resources from remote locations. The app also has spectacular designs in both its mobile and desktop versions. The interface is easy to interact with and one of the best that we have had the chance to interact with.


Customer Support

Goose VPN

Goose VPN customer care team is excellent. They can be reached by mail or live chat. Our interactions with them revealed a team that is eager to help and who have the right answers at their fingertips.

We asked about the number of servers under their management and although they didn’t exactly give a straight response, they directed us to resources that proved to be very helpful. Here is a screenshot of our conversation with them.

Support channels:
Live chat
Help center
Phone line


For any of the following plans, you can get a Goose VPN subscription: $12.99 a month for one month, $2.99 a month for 2 years and $4.99 a month for one year.

1 month
$ 12.99
per month
$12.99 billed every month
1 year
$ $4.99
per month
Save 62%
$59.88 billed every year
2 years
$ 2.99
per month
Save 77%
$71.76 billed every year

All subscription plans come with a 30 days free trial. This means that for the 30 days that you will have the app on your computer, or device you will not be charged a dime.