Outbyte VPN Review

TOP rank 9.0 Reviewed by Jayden Andrews
October 12, 2019

Would I recommend Outbyte VPN? Definitely, it is one of the top VPN apps that I have seen thus far. The privacy protections are the best the industry has to offer i.e. AES-256 military grade encryption, the speeds are excellent, lots of servers to choose from, kill switch, outstanding customer support, up to six simultaneous connection, a strict no logging policy and toll free phone lines for North American customers.

1 year: $5.00/month
Save 38%

Would I recommend Outbyte VPN? Definitely, it is one of the top VPN apps that I have seen thus far. The privacy protections are the best the industry has to offer i.e. AES-256 military grade encryption, the speeds are excellent, lots of servers to choose from, kill switch, outstanding customer support, up to six simultaneous connection, a strict no logging policy and toll free phone lines for North American customers.

AES-256-CBC military grade encryption
Fast servers in over 80 locations
DNS and IPv6 antileaks
Works with Neflix
Secure and fast torrenting
«Stealth vpn» technology
Slow customer support via mail
Clumped interface of the desktop app


Speed drop speedtest We check the speed with and without VPN, then calculate the average in percentage. The smaller the speed drop, the faster the VPN.
Strict no-log policy
IP, DNS Leaks
Jurisdiction The 5 Eyes (FVEY), 9 Eyes and 14 Eyes alliances impose laws that force VPN companies to hand over logs to the government upon request. Privacy Havens - These are countries where companies don't have to share their logs to the government and VPN users are completely protected.
Australia (5 eyes)
Netflix Unblock
Torrenting speed drop
Simultaneous connections
Works in China
Yes, stealth VPN mode
Live chat, email, phone
Kill switch
Encryption AES-256 is the most secure type of encryption today. Other standards like DES-CBC, AES-128 provide lower levels of security.
Protocols OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPsec are the most popular protocols which provide optimal balance between speed and security.
Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows

Speed tests

Ordinary connection
Download: 2.23 Mbps
Ping: 337 Ms
Upload: 0.16 Mbps

If a VPN service cannot sell itself on speed, then it’s as dead as the dodo. Users simply don’t want a VPN app that will slow down their internet. Outbyte VPN is one of the fastest VPN services that I have seen thus far and it neither slows streaming services such as Netflix nor does it reduce the loading time on any other site.

The speeds are well above average. For the tests below, I used a 2mbps connection and while it is not much, it is enough to get most things done including streaming HD movies and making downloads using with the help of torrent sites.

Checking VPN servers

As you can see, it is nothing short of what you’d expect from a high-end VPN service. The speed from Japan only reduced marginally from a high of 2.23Mbps to 2.05Mbps and mind you, this is after connecting to a VPN service that had servers many thousand kilometers away. Tests from other countries didn’t show a sharp decrease in speed either.

Download: 1.79 Mbps
Ping: 416 Ms
Upload: 0.17 Mbps
Download: 2.05 Mbps
Ping: 592 Ms
Upload: 0.09 Mbps
Download: 1.10 Mbps
Ping: 494 Ms
Upload: 0.22 Mbps
Download: 0.70 Mbps
Ping: 377 Ms
Upload: 0.22 Mbps

Average speed drop: -29,3%Good

Security features

The number one reason for using a VPN app is to anonymously surf the internet. And so, the question is will Outbyte VPN be any good at this?

Military Grade AES-256 Encryption

When reviewing a VPN app for security, the first thing that you want to look at is the data encryption methods that are used. Outbyte VPN uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256) that is favored by super powers like the US and Russia for sharing classified information. This means that with Outbyte VPN, it is virtually impossible for anyone to snoop on your online activities.

But AES-256 is not the only encryption standard that the app offers. Others are DES-CBC, and AES-128-CBC.The protocol used by the app is the open-source OpenVPN protocol that is capable of traversing firewalls and open network translators (NETs) by providing encryption to both data and control channels. It is the most suitable protocol for bypassing web restrictions, such as the Great Fire Wall of China.

Kill switch

Sometimes, your VPN app might stop working. If this happens, you would still not want your IP address to be detectable. A kill switch that automatically disconnects you from the internet when your app stops working would be great for this, and Outbyte VPN has one.

Stealth VPN

Stealth VPN is a VPN server that is able to ‘disguise’ VPN traffic, so that it appears as a regular web traffic. They are popular in countries, such as China and North Korea, where one has to bypass firewalls and other applications that block VPN traffic.

Check all Outbyte VPN features

IP and DNS Leaks

When it comes to VPN, you would want an app that does not leak your DNS or IP address. The way to check this is to run the app on an IP or DNS leak detector preferably ipleak.org. After running the test on Outbyte VPN, I found it to be true to its word.

There was no IP or DNS leak whatsoever, meaning that users can be assured of total privacy.

IP leak results:
No leaks
DNS leak results:
No leaks

Logs policy

A no logs policy is super important for any VPN user out there and this is because the major selling point of a VPN app is privacy. If an app cannot provide the level of anonymity that you expect, then there is no point in buying it. Outbyte VPN’s no logs policy is very well spelt out.

However, the company does keep cookies that track user activity on their site. This, of course, is a normal standard procedure for any company that seeks to improve customer experience on their site.

Unblocking Netflix

You see, sites such as Netflix offer different programming, depending on what geographical region you are part of, with the best content being reserved for the North American and European audiences.

Netflix is also notorious for being able to detect VPNs, so if the site could not detect that I was using some proxy server, then that would be excellent. Turns out Netflix is no wiser when one is using Outbyte VPN. No errors were detected.

Netflix unblock status:


Most people, use VPN apps to anonymously download movies and tutorials online. I tried to download some movies without the VPN service and found the download speed to be 204 kbps per second. With a VPN connection, the speed came to about 196 kbps. Sometimes, it was even hard to make the distinction as to which one was faster; downloading with a VPN connection or downloading without.

Torrenting without VPN:
204 kb/sec
Torrenting with VPN:
196 kb/sec
Speed deduction: -4%

But even if the overall speed was to decrease, this is not bad given that the VPN app gives an extra layer of security. As you can see, even with a VPN connection, the speeds went up from an average of 109kbps to 156kbps and were climbing.

Tor Check

In the absence of a secure VPN connection, people use the Tor browser to surf the internet annonymously. But as we all know, the Tor browser is not all that secure, and your online activities can still be traced back to you.

With Outbyte VPN, an extra layer of security was added, and without any drag on speed. I was still able to stream HD content on Youtube on the Tor network.

Compatibility status:


Simultaneous connections:
6 devices

Once you purchase Outbyte VPN, you will be able to connect as many as 6 devices to the VPN service at a time.The app is available for Android, IOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux. I tried the app on an Android phone and on my Windows desktop and there were no issues. The user interface for the mobile device was excellent.


Customer Support

Outbyte VPN

When it comes to VPN, there are a lot of technical details that you can get wrong and that is why the level of support matters. Some of the questions that you might want answers to include: What encryption type do I use, the best settings and server choices for streaming movies, whether to turn the kill switch on or off.

I set out to try the level of support by asking some of these questions. On the site, it is noted that customer support can be reached through mail, chat or phone. From my experience, mail is the slowest and it will take about an hour before they respond to you, the chat on the site is instant and the phones are just asexcellent.

Having said that, I would recommend that you use the chat especially if you are a buyer outside of the USA and Canada because the phones are only toll free on these two countries.

Support channels:
Live chat
Help center
Phone line


Outbyte VPN is one of the more reasonably priced apps out there. It has three pricing tiers i.e. $7.99 per month, a one year plan at $ 5 a month and a 6 month plan $ 6.33 a month. The payment process was one of the smoothest I’ve ever experienced. There were also no problems to report when taking advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee.

1 month
$ 7.99
per month
$7.99 billed every 3 years
6 months
$ 6.33
per month
Save 20%
$37.98 billed every 6 months
1 year
$ 5.00
per month
Save 38%
$107.55 billed every 3 years

After paying for the app, you have to download it and install it on your various devices. All you need from here on is a password and username to log in.