SaferVPN review

TOP rank 7.7 Reviewed by Jane Green
January 20, 2020

If anything, SaferVPN is just an average VPN app. The servers can be terribly slow, you will get streaming errors on Netflix and all for a hefty price of $12.95 for their most basic package. The app does have its good sides though; for one, it is very secure and provides a safe and private connection with no IP or DNS leaks.

The customer care support team is also excellent and displays clear intentions to help resolve any issues that you may be experiencing. If you choose to purchase SaferVPN, you better have a superfast connection because as you will learn from this review, glitter does not equal gold.

3 years: $2.50/month
Save 81%

If anything, SaferVPN is just an average VPN app. The servers can be terribly slow, you will get streaming errors on Netflix and all for a hefty price of $12.95 for their most basic package. The app does have its good sides though; for one, it is very secure and provides a safe and private connection with no IP or DNS leaks.

The customer care support team is also excellent and displays clear intentions to help resolve any issues that you may be experiencing. If you choose to purchase SaferVPN, you better have a superfast connection because as you will learn from this review, glitter does not equal gold.

700+ servers in 34 different countries
Military-grade encryption
Strict No logs policy
Multiple payment options including cryptocurrencies
Slow speeds
Pricey at $12.95 a month
Some servers don’t work
Desktop interface is small


Speed drop speedtest We check the speed with and without VPN, then calculate the average in percentage. The smaller the speed drop, the faster the VPN.
Strict no-log policy
IP, DNS Leaks
Jurisdiction The 5 Eyes (FVEY), 9 Eyes and 14 Eyes alliances impose laws that force VPN companies to hand over logs to the government upon request. Privacy Havens - These are countries where companies don't have to share their logs to the government and VPN users are completely protected.
USA (5 eyes)
Netflix Unblock
Torrenting speed drop
Simultaneous connections
Works in China
No special features
24/7 Live Chat, Email
Kill switch
Encryption AES-256 is the most secure type of encryption today. Other standards like DES-CBC, AES-128 provide lower levels of security.
Protocols OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPsec are the most popular protocols which provide optimal balance between speed and security.
Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows
Chrome, Firefox, Opera

SaferVPN Speed tests

Ordinary connection
Download: 5.48 Mbps
Ping: 13 Ms
Upload: 0.50 Mbps

Fast servers are an important component of VPN apps. In fact, almost all VPN apps, including SaferVPN will list “fast speeds” as their most important selling point, ahead of security and privacy. The reason for this is simple; without a fast internet connection, you cannot do a thing no matter how private or secure your browsing is.

SaferVPN says that their servers are super-fast, it is a conclusion that we slightly disagree with. You will see why.

Checking VPN servers

As you can see, the server from Japan puts on a very solid performance which gives credence to the assertion that SaferVPN is a fast VPN service. But not all servers are this good. Some will even kill your internet connection.

This is what happens when you try to connect to a US server. You will get errors and zero internet activity. The same is true for servers from Canada.

Download: 4.95 Mbps
Ping: 157 Ms
Upload: 0.32 Mbps
Download: 4.68 Mbps
Ping: 458 Ms
Upload: 0.28 Mbps
Download: 3.63 Mbps
Ping: 525 Ms
Upload: 0.22 Mbps
Download: 0 Mbps
Ping: 0 Ms
Upload: 0 Mbps

Average speed drop: -39%Bad

SaferVPN Servers

700+ servers
34+ countries

SaferVPN boasts of over 700+ servers in 34 country locations. The servers serve different purposes. There are those for streaming, and torrenting. Others are just for establishing a proxy connection.

The server locations are also very varied. They include places such as Thailand, Argentina, Cyprus, Canada, USA, Russia, and most of Western Europe. There are no servers from Africa.

When contacted on the failure of some of their servers, this is what the customer care team had to say. In other words, they suggested that we completely delete the app and install a new version. We did some of that and there was little to show for it as the app still kept malfunctioning.

SaferVPN Security features

Other than server speed, the security and the privacy of a VPN connection are the second most touted selling points. SaferVPN is a spectacular app on this front. Here are the reasons:

OpenVPN Protocol

Most of the connections that SaferVPN encrypts are tunneled using the OpenVPN. It is the world’s most popular, fastest, and safest way of creating VPN connections. Some other protocols used by SaferVPN include L2TP, IKEv2, and PPTP.

When using the app, it is best to let the app decide which protocol suits your needs. Some are faster than others and we believe that the app decides on the basis of such a criteria.

Check all SaferVPN features

Military-Grade Encryption

SaferVPN uses the same encryption standard (AES 256-bit) as the US, China, and Russian militaries to encrypt the data that pass over their networks. That means that no one can snoop on you when using any of their servers.


Internet Kill Switch

SaferVPN has an internet kill switch that automatically disconnects the user from the internet if the app malfunctions. You will, however, have to turn on the kill switch as it is not enabled by default. In the mobile version of the app, we didn’t find any kill switch as it has a much simpler interface.

Auto Wi-Fi Protection

The auto Wi-Fi protection feature is another great addition on the app that we found to be super useful since most people use their phones to access banks, and share lots of private information. VPN over Wi-Fi whether public or private makes it harder for anyone to snoop on you.

Anonymous Payments

Perhaps one of the coolest security and privacy features that SaferVPN has is that you can actually pay anonymously with the help of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. That way no one even the app provider themselves can ever discover your true identity.

IP and DNS Leaks

The IP address that is shown here is the one that was assigned to us by the VPN app, meaning that we are clearly anonymous. Our DNS does not show here, which means that our connection is private.

There is something else about these results that we think you should know. For a strange reason that only SaferVPN can explain, we got different IP addresses, although we were connected to servers from a different country. Here is a screenshot to show you what we mean:

The speed tests show that we are connected to a server in Germany while in truth, we are connected to a server in Australia. In this second case, we are connected to a server in Japan, but the IP leak tests say that our IP address is from someplace in Australia. It is all mind boggling.

IP leak results:
No leaks
DNS leak results:
No leaks

Logs policy

SaferVPN has a strict no logs policy. Here is a quote from their website on the matter:

“We do not collect, log or store any browsing activity, data or IP addresses.
Since we only collect the minimal usage statistics needed to maintain the quality of our service, and do not store users’ personal information, we cannot, willingly or unwillingly, share user information with third-parties or government authorities – because this data does not exist.”

Check SaferVPN privacy policy

The minimal usage statistics that the company talks about includes the following:

  • Date and time on which the session began and ended
  • Which location a user is logged in from (They don’t take note of the IP address)
  • The country users are connected from (They do not take note of the user’s IP address)

SaferVPN is an Israeli-based company and although Israel is not a member of the 5 or 14 eyes, they are still secondary partners to the NSA. This is to say that your data may not be safe with them after all. Also, there is word that the company has been sold off to US investors which would mean that it is now at the heart of the five eyes.

SaferVPN for Netflix

Depending on what part of the world you are at, you are likely to get different TV content from the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer than their main target audience who happen to be the well-off folks of North America and Western Europe.

With a VPN app, however, you can mask your real IP address and make it look like you are from any of these regions. We tried to do that with SafeVPN, and the following is the result that we got. We tried to do that with SafeVPN, and It didn’t work out so well.

Netflix unblock status:


Torrenting is another big reason for which folks rely on VPN services. We all know that some of the stuff shared over sites such as the Pirate Bay is not legal and to keep the FBI and similar agencies at bay, people use VPN apps such as SaferVPN.

Without a VPN connection torrent downloads are usually fast, but when torrenting over an active VPN service things might get a bit slow. We wanted to know what would happen if we tried to download a file with an active SaferVPN connection with the help of a Tor client such as uTorrent.

Torrenting without VPN:
606 kb/sec
Torrenting with VPN:
390 kb/sec
Speed deduction: -35%

Now, a 35% drop in download speeds is not a bad thing, especially given that the connection will be safer and private. We think that it is a good trade off.

You might also be interested in knowing that SaferVPN has servers that are dedicated to streaming. If you look at the screenshot above, you will see that the server we are connected to supports P2P sharing.

Tor Check

The Tor network is the world’s most secure browser, but it can be notoriously slow especially if you are already using a slow connection. But with a VPN that can deliver under Tor, you will be more secure.

SaferVPN is one of those apps that works really well with the Tor browser.

Compatibility status:


Simultaneous connections:
5 devices

SaferVPN is available on all major platforms i.e. Windows, iOS, Android macOS and Linux. There are also browser extensions for Opera, Firefox and Google’s Chrome.

For this review, we installed the app on a Windows desktop computer and on an Android phone. The app has a simple interface on the desktop but it takes too little space. Other than that, it is about as well designed as any other VPN app.

On the mobile phone (Android), Safer VPN also looks nice, but it lacks among other things settings for kill switch. In other words, it is not detailed on its mobile version. With a single SaferVPN connection, you can connect up to 5 devices. SaferVPN’s appearance on a mobile phone:


Customer Support


Whatever shortcomings SaferVPN may have, they do more than compensate with their overly helpful customer care team. You can reach support through mail or the live chat. The live chat is the best because they respond very quickly and are willing to go an extra mile to help with any issues that you be having.

We approached them with the issue of slow server speeds and this is the response that they gave. They were even ready to see us through the entire process of rebooting their app.

Support channels:
Live chat
Help center
Phone line


SaferVPN has three pricing tiers i.e. $12.95 for one month, $5.49 for one month for a year, and $2.50 per month for 3 years. All plans come with a 30 days money back guarantee.

1 month
$ 12.95
per month
$12.95 billed every month
1 year
$ 5.49
per month
Save 58
$65.88 billed every year
3 years
$ 2.50
per month
Save 81%
$89.99 billed every 3 years

One thing that makes SaferVPN very attractive is their varied payment options. They even accept Bitcoins and other types of cryptocurrencies, meaning that you can be truly anonymous with them. After the review was done, we went ahead and requested a refund, which was also processed in a timely fashion.