Top 5 bugs we encountered when reviewing VPNs

By Jayden Andrews. March 23, 2020

In the dozens of VPN service tests we have run, there were some glitches we encountered that we felt we must share. These 5 bugs stopped us from getting the benefits we installed VPNs for in the first place. All of them took us by surprise, some were hard to believe in. Just take a look and make your judgement.

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#1 No ‘Sign In’ button in Android app

Sometimes you download the VPN app you have already paid for, but can’t log in to use it. That’s exactly what we faced when testing Ultra VPN. The Customer Care team suggested that we uninstall the app and install it again, but it didn’t help on our side.

See for yourself:


The ‘Sign in’ option is obviously missing from the app’s starting screen. Whether you choose the free trial or Premium, you will be asked for payment details in an endless loop.

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#2 98% speed deduction with VPN activated

What you really want to get from a VPN is fast speeds. When testing Ivacy we got to experience what it feels like to be almost frozen.

We noticed an instant drop from a reasonably fast speed of 2.2 Mbps to a speed you may remember from back in the 1990’s – just 0.54 Mbps, which made browsing uncomfortable.

-79% average speed drop on the speed test and a whopping 98% drop in torrenting speed was an absolute record.

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#3 Blocking browser while streaming Netflix

TunnelBear VPN allows you to stream content on Netflix, but it will keep turning off and on in a very annoying manner. The connection to Netflix constantly establishes and then goes away just as fast, pushing a popup alert with an angry Bear.

Here is the message that we were constantly getting:

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#4 Connect to a different location than you chose

We chose to connect to an Australian VPN server when testing SaferVPN. However, the website showed us being connected to a server in Germany, not Australia:

The app makes us think we are connected to a server in Japan, which was just what we chose. However, IP tests demonstrate that the world sees us as browsing from Australia. That’s not even anywhere near Japan!

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#5 VPN kills your internet connection

This is what happens when you try to connect to a US server using SaferVPN. You get errors and zero internet activity. The same is true for servers in Canada.

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